New Religion

A group of teens known as The Rebels stand up for what they believe in,while fighting a war against conformists and people who don't understand them.

Follow the story of The Rebels through the eyes of the Prophet Andy (Biersack) and other members of The Rebels such as The Mystic (Jinxx),The Destroyer (C.C),The Deviant Ashley (Purdy) and The Mourner Jake (Pitts).


2. Prepare For Battle

"Come along and fight with the unknown"

All this time....The Rebels have been watching everyone else follow the orders of the socially elite..The Conformist Sharks stand at the top of the social pyramid and keep order amongst the followers under them.We,The Rebels have no place on the social pyramid and of course there's many of us.And because of this,The Conformist Sharks don't want any other class of people taking over.Especially,our kind...But,all of that is about to change...


Swords,knives,flags and other heavy artillery are out and ready to be used as we get ready to prepare for battle.The battle between the so-called superior and the socially inferior.


"Grab your weapons now.We'll run against the crowd and changing history"


"We are the unholy.We are the bastard sons of your media culture.Our minds,eyes and bodies were born of your exclusion.An illusion you hide behind.You don't love a god,you love your comforts.To you we are filth,we are dirty,so be it.We are dirty and unclean,a congregation of the unseen.Together we will set the world on fire!This is the new religion!AMEN!"









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