New Religion

A group of teens known as The Rebels stand up for what they believe in,while fighting a war against conformists and people who don't understand them.

Follow the story of The Rebels through the eyes of the Prophet Andy (Biersack) and other members of The Rebels such as The Mystic (Jinxx),The Destroyer (C.C),The Deviant Ashley (Purdy) and The Mourner Jake (Pitts).


5. In The End




~The Deviant Ashley~
What was once the way of life for the population around us has now ended...And it's the start of something new for us...The Rebels


~The Destroyer~

The once tightly knit organization that destroyed everything that wasn't normal is now finished...and we can move on,now that we've ended what they've begun...


~The Mourner~

The Conformist Sharks are finished....It's time for a new religion to take the place of what was once a way of life for the so-called socially superior.But now that they're gone...a new class of people will take over..


~The Mystic~

The battle is won...


~Prophet Andy's P.O.V~

It's the end of the war...For all we knew has changed and a new life will start.Of course,with every end of a preexisting army,there comes a start of a new army...With every new beginning,there's obstacles and things that we'll have to face as we go on in our life...But along with new obstacles and challenges to face,there also comes an ending to all of it...And this is it....This is the beginning of an end...


"In the end as you fade into the night...Who will tell the story of your life?And who will remember your last goodbye?'Cause it's the end and I'm not afraid,i'm not afraid to die"


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