Passion and the Forbidden God

Akylos knew what the punishment was for killing a Benaien god - if a divine slays a divine, they too must feel the exact same pain by becoming a mortal. He once ruled over Passion, a world created by the divine's, as the Benaien god of the stars, enlightened energy, and the power attributed to cosmic fire. Can he overcome his action-reaction punishment?


1. Punishment by Divine Rule

Akylos felt as though his reign had come to an end when Tyrant god of the afterlife and the Heavens, appointed his rule to become mortal by trial of murder. "Tyrant, my lord. There is no need for me to loose my immortality over some silly murder!", Akylos stated in anger, "I have spoken, I have given you time to think, and I have wasted to much energy on this dispute. Life on Passion shouldn't be a curse but a gift. I will have Borog the Gatekeeper set a destination for you on Passion in the country of Nyforge.". Although he would no longer be with his kin eating in the Land of the Dead, Akylos knew he would one day grow wealthy as his brothers and sisters couldn't help but watch over him with love. Kimik god of cold, snow, freezing wind, and ice found that he may possibly be able to help his older sibling. "Akylos, I believe there is a way to overpower the divine court!", Kimik said aloud, "What might that be other than hiding from those who know everything?", Akylos spout from his mouth. "A plant found only in the deepest of all caverns.", Kimik told Akylos while trying to open a window to Passion. As the window began to emerge in a bubble for, Tyrant appeared, "I have opened the gate to Passion. You leave tomorrow.", Tyrant said. Akylos quickly closed the window and replied in astonishment, "My lord I have said my goodbye's and kissed the Land of the Dead farewell; I am ready to leave.", Akylos sadly but loudly mumbled from his cold blue lips.

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