Passion and the Forbidden God

Akylos knew what the punishment was for killing a Benaien god - if a divine slays a divine, they too must feel the exact same pain by becoming a mortal. He once ruled over Passion, a world created by the divine's, as the Benaien god of the stars, enlightened energy, and the power attributed to cosmic fire. Can he overcome his action-reaction punishment?


2. Passion

The next day Akylos was escorted to the Gate of Passion, which would become his boat to mortal life. "Borog, guardian of life and death, will you watch over me and bring great honor to my mortal body?", Akylos freely said in the presence of Tyrant. Borog with his large upper body and muscular lower body boasted in words, "Akylos my dear friend I am in no position to grant my blessing without permission from Tyrant. Yet I can allow you my guidance without his ruling if you wish it?". Akylos had no answer for what Borog said except a shake of the head and a large but brittle smile. Tyrant engaged in a speech fit only for one who is lazy, foul, and odorous, "We the divine body gather here today to bid our final goodbye's to a fallen brother. Akylos. He has committed murder by killing Proetia goddess of beauty, passion, and love. This charge could either be overturned by killing him or by sending him to live as a mortal on Passion. The divine court has given him the easy path by taking his sphere of influence and immortality. He is to become mortal.". Akylos without a word walked through the Gate of Passion. Waking up amid the many people of Hayrom, a small town in Nyforge, took more energy than Akylos thought was needed. He wandered around this weird but lovely town. He came across a blacksmith forge by the name of Metal to Armor, he found five home's for sale thinking one day he may own one of these house's, he then followed a sign to the market square where three market stalls found their business to be sprawling. After he had searched the town, he made his way to an inn he passed earlier. The hearth around the fireplace felt warm and soothing to the touch since winter had just began, still the temperature of his old home would stay with him forever in his mind. Akylos approached the first empty table he could see and took a seat, after he did so a women with long dark hair walked up to him and asked, "What will it be? Ale, brandy, wine, or just some old style rum?", Akylos didn't have the effort left to talk but with every willing cell in his body simply said "I would like some Nyforgian Brandy if that isn't a problem?". The lady with long dark hair walked to the counter in the front of the inn and grabbed a random bottle of Nyforgian Brandy then tossed it to Akylos. "What's you're name stranger? Wait before you answer me, I think you should know my name. I'm Breha. Now what's your's?", Breha said. Akylos knew she wouldn't believe him if he told her who he was, so he created a fake name to go by. "My name? Uh, my name is; A'kol. I'm sorry but I don't have any coin to pay for the brandy and I know it cost's a fortune that only a lord could afford.". Breha could tell he was lost. As a good deed she didn't charge Akylos for the drink that would have run him a little over three-hundred coins. It seemed as though Akylos had a good start to his new life on Passion.

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