Erik has the voice of an angle, but the face of a monster. When he takes off his mask people scream and run away! So he hides himself in the darkness beneath an opera house. He falls in love with a beautiful singer. She claims to love him,too. But can anyone truly love the phantom of the opera?


1. Chapter 1

I curse the day i was born. When my mother saw me, she screamed in horror! I was ugly. Worse than ugly. My face like a skull. My nose sunk in. It looked as if i had no nose at all. My eyes were small and yellow. My body was a skeleton with skin. But inside, I was a child, not a monster. Not yet. My mother never kissed me. Never! She could not bare to look at me. I was so horrible that she made me wear a mask. My father never even saw my face. Did i have a name? I do not remember one. I remember only harsh words from my mother. And the sting of my fathers belt. As soon as i was old enough, i ran away. I ran from the little town in France where i was born. By day, i hid. By night , i wandered. No one saw my face. I did not know where i was going. And i did not care. In the dark, i sang to myself. Unlike my body, my voice is beautiful. My songs rang out clear and fine in the night air. Sometimes people herd me sing. '' Where is that lovely voice coming from? '' they would ask. '' It sounds like an angel '' '' Beautiful singer! '' they would call. '' Come out! show us who you are! '' Show them what? The body of a skeleton? A skull with a mask? I stayed hidden in the dark. When i got hungry, i looked in garbage cans for scraps of food. I picked pockets and learned the ways of the street. One night i saw tents far off. As i came closer, i saw that it was a fair. Lights shone. People walked from tent to tent, talking and laughing. I straightened my mask and walked to the fair. A man inside the gate called, '' Come one! come all ! This way to the Freak Show! see things you have never seen! see the lady with a beard! see the man with three eyes! come! this way! '' A lady with beard? A man with three eyes? '' see the lady with fish scales '' the man called. '' see the fattest man in the world!'' I followed the signs to the Freak show and bought a ticket. I blinked beneath my mask. I could not believe my eyes! there she was----- a lady with a beard! next to her was a man with a funny spot on his forehead it looked like third eye! The lady and the man were like no one i ever seen before. I walked on and saw the fattest man in the world
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