Claiming Me

Isabelle has fears. One of them coming up soon. The Claiming Game, where she doesn't want the highschool heartthrobs - Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Louis - to claim her. Fears will be faced. - Cover by Ratohnhake;ton -


3. What Now?

Why did this become a surprise to me? I really had no idea. Once they said those simple words, girls were crying, and clinging on to their friends. As Louis and Harry hung on to one of my arms, to escort me out like the 'gentlemen' they were.

I heard whispers, like, "you don't belong with him", and "what a creep". It wasn't my fault I got picked. Sighing, I stopped myself from thinking anything else.

"Isa, tonight, you're going to my house. Then Zayn, Louis, Harry. At the last night, it's Liam's turn." Niall said, whispering in my ear.

Something made me tingle. Niall was going to have me all alone. That sure wasn't good; he was the first to find me attractive. Which possibly made him want all of me.

'Don't think of this,' I thought to myself.

These boys did something to all me right - they made me go crazy. Even though I told myself I didn't like them. Niall put his arm around my waist, which I was okay with this. His warmth radiated all over my back. Taking a deep breath, I realized we were at his car. Minutes, maybe even seconds, I would be at Niall Horan's house. Trying to imagine Niall's house, it was really hard. Neutral. That's all I imagine.

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