Claiming Me

Isabelle has fears. One of them coming up soon. The Claiming Game, where she doesn't want the highschool heartthrobs - Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Louis - to claim her. Fears will be faced. - Cover by Ratohnhake;ton -


6. "There's food,"

Blinking, I realized I was awake. I checked the time, and it read 6:30 AM. All I wanted to do was go back to sleep; I look on my side, no Niall, other side, BAM. Niall was right in my face. He was a cuddler, I could only tell because he was holding me like a child holding a bear. Sighing, I tried falling back asleep; it was an instant fail. I was full on energy, and I couldn't be calmed down. So I laid there, just looking at the ceiling, and the main menu of Mean Girls that was still playing. 


After awhile, I got bored. Trying to find ways to wake Niall without knowing it was me who on purpose who woke him. Tickled him, didn't work; pinched his cheeks the lightest I could, didn't work. Millions of things later, he was still asleep. Finally, I whispered in his ears, "there's food", and laid down. Up came Niall, his eyes huge, and his mouth open, ready to eat. "I heard that there's breakfast," Niall said. Nodding, I followed him to the kitchen; he could clearly find the scent of bacon and pancakes, because he predicted just minutes before I saw the plate on the table. 


Digging in, I took one piece of bacon and two pancakes; they were mini. On the other half, Niall was taking six pancakes and four pieces of bacon. Instantly, once he got them, he shoved some in his mouth. Looking at him wide-eyed, and eating my pancakes in a delicate matter-it looked like I did while I was sitting him-I noticed that his mum was gone. He finally looked at me, wondering what has wrong with me, on his expression. Politely smiling me, he mumbled 'sorry', but then once again dug in; like he owned the place. Which, he did. 


A/N: Once again, short chapter. In the Comments, I said I would be writing shorter chapters, but more often. It felt insanely good to get some words out on this book. Which I will do on my other book, "Clearly, it's You", soon. I want to try hard to finish this book around February or March 2014. To me it sounds like a HUGE wish, but to you guys, it might sound easy. I love you guys, so much. Even though I have no idea who half of you are. <3 <3 [: -Jupiter

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