Claiming Me

Isabelle has fears. One of them coming up soon. The Claiming Game, where she doesn't want the highschool heartthrobs - Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Louis - to claim her. Fears will be faced. - Cover by Ratohnhake;ton -


1. Stupid Friends

I could believe all my friends liked them. They were snobs. Even now, I could hear them pray that either Louis, Zayn, Liam, Harry or Niall would claim them. Don't even get me started on the Claiming Game. You paid to Claim someone - the girls would roam around the gym, while guys picked at random. When you were claimed, pop! You had a heart stamp on your hand, along with the guy's handwritten signature. I mean, it was pointless. We didn't get a choice though, the school needed money, we gave them money. By being claimed. Stupid. I walked silently over to my friends, careful not to interrupt their praying - otherwise they would be talking to me, about how much they loved them. I clearly didn't care. I picked my iPod Touch out off my pocket. While wedging my earphones in the socket, Savannah got up. "I didn't see you there." Savannah pointed out. "I'm here alright." "Guys, Izzy's here." Savannah called out to the other girls. Kate, Alexis, Brit, and Taylor came over. I thanked God that Taylor was here. She hated the guys just as much as I do. Taylor reminded me to start playing "Starlight" by Taylor Swift. I swiftly pulled out my iPod, and pressed play. "Hey Tay." I mumbled. "Isa!" she screamed. She went on her iPad, and added me to chat, which meant she wanted to talk about the girls obsessing over the guys again. Which wasn't anything new, but she had to be Negative Nancy about them. She winked at me, which meant I had to get on.


~Chat~ You've enter Taylor's Song Room

iiTayBoo: Oh my gosh, they are just horrible.

IsaIsAGem: Sorry I couldn't come either to save you.

iiTayBoo: But you've saved me now. ;)

IsaIsAGem: I haven't you look mad.

iiTayBoo: I gots to go!! Kate is gettin' on to me!

iiTayBoo: Leaves Taylor's Song Room

IsaIsAGem: Leaves Taylor's Song Room

I chuckle. Kate is the nosy one. I can see Taylor blushing as Kate jumps on her with questions, like, "Do you have a boyfriend?". I know Taylor will never have one - she wants a smart one. Which none of these guys are. Ruby, my math friend, pops up next to me. "Hey, Ruby." "Hey Isabelle. Whatcha up to?" Ruby asked while smirking. I got slightly red, as Troy, a hottie, brush up against my left arm. "Just getting a soul vacation from the girls. I mean, all the chatter about the Claiming Game." I sighed. Ruby shook her head, understanding, I hope. Then, she started spilling. "Um, I really want Niall to claim me!" Ruby sped through that sentence. "You may go join that group," I said while pointing toward the group of girls next to the monkey bars, "because you will surely fit in." She blushed, but ran towards them. They shrieked as another joined them - Ruby. I rolled my eyes. Taylor was swinging with Tyler, a cute, Mathematician. She found the guy. They were simply talking, and swinging, but she actually found a smart guy! I didn't walk over there. I didn't want to ruin there moment. Instead, I walked over to by my guy buddy, Samuel. He was a funny guy - he was awesome. Sure, we dated in the past, but that didn't ruin our friend relationship. I thought it was Sam, with the blond hair, but it was Niall.

"Well, hello, what have we get here." Niall said as he caught be in mid-tap.

"Isabelle Reagan, beautiful, am I correct?" Zayn said was he caught sight of me.

I blushed. "Yes, I am Isabelle. I thought you were Samuel."

"Nope, but I am something better." Niall said.

I grunted, trying to get out of Niall's grip. He was strong. He smirked. I glared at him.

"Why so full of hate, Belle?" I heard Zayn say.

I directed my glare at him.

I tried to snort, fail. "Um, I have to go."

They both shaked their heads. "You can eat lunch with us, today."

I sighed. They, Zayn and Niall, walked me in the Commons. You could see our nauseating school colors. The Orange and Black Striped Panthers. Orange and black were plastered everywhere in the Commons, Gym, and the Hallways. The only place we were safe from the Panthers, was the Theater.  The Music Teacher, Mrs. Yuma, hated the colors. I thanked her so many times for that. As I was being pulled away to their table. We were there, a small circle table with seven chairs, there was one extra. I sat between Niall and Zayn. As soon as the other boys came, Liam, Louis, and Harry, they had puzzled looks on there face.

"Isabelle, will be sitting with us today." Niall announced. Liam got with it, and nodded. I just sat there in silence. Eating. "Hm, Big Mac?" Louis said. I finished my last bite. "Yep. Why does that surprise you?" I smirked. "Most girls don't eat at all. Most of all, not Big Macs." I sighed, because he was truly correct. They burst out laughing. I was confused. Why were they laughing? "You're farts are just disgusting." Harry said as he was pointing to Niall. Then, the smell hit me. I pinched my nose. They continued the laughing. "Third-grade girls." I mumbled. Harry perked up, "What did you say?" "Third. Grade. Girls. That's how you guys giggle." He snorted - full out. I giggled. My face was red - these guys were okay, but I didn't want to feel like that.

The bell rang - time for seventh period - with Harry. As I walked over to Mr. West's classroom of Social Studies, when I felt a sudden tap on my shoulder. Harry. I turned on my tips of my toes, and there he was - green eyes, and curls, and all. "Race you, Is." He ran full ahead of me, I was ready. My hair was pulled up. I ran after him. I was just level with him, I could see his chest go in and out. He wasn't even close to being out of breath, and neither was I. The room was just two doors done, an easy win for me. I pushed my self to get ahead. I was an inch ahead when I saw Harry's curls beat me to the door. I glared at him. "That, was a close call." I went to my seat, right in the back, far away from Harry. I was glad, because I didn't want to take any of this, 'winning-losing' stuff. Social Studies was boring - so, I was glad when time itself hurried up.

I stalked out of the classroom. Flattered. The Claiming Game posters were all over - labeled for 2 days from now. Please, God, I don't want mixed feelings for the boys, I just want to hate them, and them to not to Claim Me.

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