Claiming Me

Isabelle has fears. One of them coming up soon. The Claiming Game, where she doesn't want the highschool heartthrobs - Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Louis - to claim her. Fears will be faced. - Cover by Ratohnhake;ton -


10. Motorcycle ...

Isabella's POV-

After we played 20 questions for about maybe an hour, Zayn and I got a bit bored. 

"Let's go out and do something," he said.

I look at him, "Okay."

We went in to get dressed. I got my clothes on, in the bathroom and so, he got his on in the bedroom. When we were finished and downstairs getting our coats on the girls came down.

"Where are you guys going!?!??!" 

Zayn and I looked at each other.

"Uh were going to like just go to some shops maybe..." he answered 

"You going to take her on your motorcycle?!?" 

I was a bit scared 'cause they had these smiles on their faces, I laughed nervously.


He brought me outside, and showed me his motorcycle. Might I say it seemed like him.

"Ready to go?" 

I nodded unsure. 

"You'll be fine If you get scared hold on to my waist," 

I nodded and hopped on the motorcycle and Zayn gave me a helmet.


We were laughing about how scared I was on the ride cause I held on to Zayn's waist so tight. Whatever I've never been on a motorcycle before I say.

"Okay, okay I understand," He says 

We walk into a few stores and buy some things and after awhile we get lunch I wanted to pay But Zayn wouldn't let me, we sat down and chatted.

So like what do you want to do with your life when you graduate? 

"I like singing so I will probably try for X-Factor or something and if i don't make it i'll become an English teacher."

I nod, after we finish, we head home on the Death-Cycle aka the motorcycle.


Hope you liked it sorry for not updating things how been sooo busy lately I'll Try my Best to update more often though!!! ~Jojo


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