Claiming Me

Isabelle has fears. One of them coming up soon. The Claiming Game, where she doesn't want the highschool heartthrobs - Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Louis - to claim her. Fears will be faced. - Cover by Ratohnhake;ton -


5. Got to Be Kidding

Leading me to a mysterious room, that I prayed, don't be his bedroom. He was grinning the whole way, but yet he wasn't an open book. Soon, a big room full of video game cases and pool tables came to view. Entering, he asked me what game we wanted first. "Grand Theft Auto. I'm awesome at that." I told. Niall rolled his eyes and shook his head, "Not possible. I'm King." Smirking, I pick up a controller as he popped in the disc. He cracked his fingers as if he was ready to beat me at GTA. Yeah, right. 


He picked up a controller, and turned the TV on. The main menu blared some music, which he soon turned it down. This time, I cracked my fingers and neck. I was so going to beat his butt. He had controller one, so her pressed start when he was ready. 


After a couple games ;/ (Just to Lazy to Actually put that ALL.)

"HA!" I yelled while jumping up and down. Niall was crouching, with his head in hands. Guess he didn't like failure to much. Grinning, I went off to Niall, and stroked his back. "Don't be sad that you're failure." I tried saying it in nicest possible way. All he did was groan, and when he did that, all I did was smile. After awhile, we finally came up out of hands. Niall made a weird face at me, and I looked confused. He broke out into a run, directing to me. So, I sprinted as fast as I could away from him. Soon, he grabbed out to get me from the waist: he succeeded. Tumbling to the soft carpet, Niall started tickling me. Laughter clouded all other sounds out. 


After Niall stopped tickling, he lightly elbowed me on the arm, and picked me up, spinning me. Then cradled me in his arms. I yawned. "You're tired?" Niall snorted. Rolling my eyes, and shaking my head, 'yes', "I've been sitting here, beating you at a game, and running around. Of course, I'm not tired at all." I said sarcastically. Niall blushed, "Fine, you put a movie on. I'll go get some sleeping bags. We'll sleep in here tonight." I headed to the glass drawers, which holded tons of movies. The first one I saw was Mean Girls. Taking that out of the drawer, and popping it in the DVD Player, I heard Niall come through with two sleeping bags. The rolled sleeping bags looked super-comfy for some weird reason. Un-rolling the sleeping bags, Niall announced, "Yours is the purple one, mine is the green one."


Giving him the okay sign, and wink, he just burst out laughing. It caused me to laugh, even though I didn't know what was funny. My facial expression? Guess I would never know. Both of us calmed down and crawled into our sleeping bags. As soon as the Mean Girls main menu came into view. Pink. I pressed play. As soon as the movie started, I zoned out. Just leaving Niall sitting there alone, awake. 


A/N: It's not the greatest chapter, but I just really needed to get some words out. Well, I guess you've been waiting for that. [: -Jupiter

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