Claiming Me

Isabelle has fears. One of them coming up soon. The Claiming Game, where she doesn't want the highschool heartthrobs - Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Louis - to claim her. Fears will be faced. - Cover by Ratohnhake;ton -


8. Forgotten Shirts

After the game of Just Dance, we got our sleeping area ready. All of Zayn's sisters were going to sleep in their beds; of course. "We can just sleep in my bedroom," Zayn said, "I have a huge bed." I felt a moment of awkwardness, because I would be sleeping, in his bed. It wasn't something I would do, normally, because I didn't know him much. "Uh, sure," I said, with a twinge of sighs. Hoping he wouldn't kiss me or anything, while I was sleeping.


That would be weird. He led me to his bedroom, and he left me in there, to get my pajamas on. My Playboy Bunny, tissue-paper thin sweat-pants were what Niall packed. I was sleeping, and he certainly, of course, didn't pack me a pajama shirt. He probably forgot, which still sucked. Luckily, I had a bra on, so I peeked for Zayn, only cracking the door slightly.


He spots me, and I spoke, really fast: "Niall packed for me, and forgot a shirt, could I borrow one?" He looked at me, like communicating if he could come in to find one. All I did was nod, because at least I had a bra. When he walked in, I knew he was checking me out, so I blushed. Why would he check me out, I wasn't very pretty, honestly. After blushing for about 5 seconds, he went to find a shirt of his.


He threw me a brown shirt that said 'I got you Back', which I liked. It smelled like him, and he smelled pretty good. Like woods, almost. I fast put it on, and I was dressed. Zayn took off his shirt, and his pants too. Oh, god, I thought to myself, don't look. Only in his boxers, he climbed into his bed, and motioned for me to come over, too. I did, which I was surprised of myself. Zayn was a hugger, because as soon as I got in the bed, with him. That's what he did. Held me close, and hugged me. It felt warm in his arms; I didn't want him to let go. Unluckily, I jinxed myself and that's exactly what he did. When he let go, I snuggled close to his bare chest, just to get more warmth. I felt his hands in my hair, and it felt so good, and normal, I didn't stop him. All I did was fall asleep in his warmth, my hands near his belly button.


It certainly felt normal with him around; that's when I felt a soft kiss on my forehead.

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