Here's to your perfect weapon (We are breathing,while you're sleeping..)

Adrienne Knight....A 16 year old girl who is often misunderstood by everyone around her because of her love for the band Black Veil Brides.She feels there's no one else like her until she meets a group of kids.Adrienne finds a place where she belongs with the kids and together they take on the cool kids...They show them that they won't be ignored anymore..


2. Youth & Whiskey

~Adrienne's P.O.V~

I awoke to the feeling of my mom shaking me vigorously to wake me up.My eyes finally opened to see her standing over me."Sweetheart,wake up.It's time for school",I heard her say ebulliently.I don't know why she was always so happy to send me off to school when it was like being sent to hell for me.It doesn't matter how many times I tell my mom and dad that no one understands me,they just shake it off and say "People do understand you,you just don't take the time to notice".I sighed as I slowly brought myself to my feet.My mom smiled at me before turning around and walking out of my room to go downstairs.Well,I'm a sophomore in high school and since it's my second to last year I'm sure I can wait it out...Why am I lying to myself?I've put up with this crap for 3 years straight and nothing has changed...No one understands me,my parents are completely oblivious to the fact that compared to all the "normal" kids...I'm a weirdo or a freak..I pushed my covers off of me and got out of my bed.Grabbing my toothbrush as I slowly trudge to the bathroom,thinking about all the crap I'm gonna have to go through when I get to the hell hole that I have to call my high school.After brushing my teeth,I showered,washed my face,did my daily morning routine and changed into some clothes for school.I put on a black veil brides t-shirt,some black jeans,some black boots and a black leather jacket with the BVB logo on it and the word "Rebel" above it.I grabbed my book bag and Ipod."Mom,I'm going to school",I yelled to my mom."Alright sweetheart.Have a good day",my mom yelled from the kitchen.I shook my head at my mom's remark as I walked out the door and headed to school.I put my headphones in my ears,smiling as "Never Give In" by Black Veil Brides started playing.Their songs always made me feel empowered.Once I got to school,I saw everyone hanging out in their usual cliques before class.I sat on the bleachers and started writing in my notebook...


~The Bell Rings~


I get up from the bleachers and walk into the school.My music still playing in my ears.I pulled my long hair down in front of my earphone so the teacher won't know I'm listening to music during her class.I got my notebook out and started working on a picture that I was drawing of Black Veil Brides.Not really paying much attention to the teacher...I occasionally looked up at the teacher to make it look like I was paying attention.Then all of a sudden I felt someone take my earphone out of my ear."Get out!And go to the principals office",the teacher told me."Ooooh",I heard the class all say in Unison.I got up out of my seat and walked out of the classroom.After I walked out of the classroom,I proceeded down the hall and out of the school.


"These words are burning inside me.Spent years in liquid harmony.This dream is who I wanna be"


I put my earphones back into my ears as I walked out of the school and down the street.The next song that started playing was "Heaven's calling" by Black Veil Brides.As I walked down the street I heard someone yell "Hey,I like your shirt"....

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