Here's to your perfect weapon (We are breathing,while you're sleeping..)

Adrienne Knight....A 16 year old girl who is often misunderstood by everyone around her because of her love for the band Black Veil Brides.She feels there's no one else like her until she meets a group of kids.Adrienne finds a place where she belongs with the kids and together they take on the cool kids...They show them that they won't be ignored anymore..


3. Welcome to the BVB Army

~Adrienne's P.O.V~

I turned around to a see a guy with brown hair,baby blue eyes,an eye brow piercing,and smooth pink lips.He had on a black veil brides shirt,some black jeans and some black sneakers."Thank you",I replied to him.His friends were sitting on some bleachers,watching me intently.They also had on Black Veil Brides shirts,along with some war paint."I'm Derek",he said."It's nice to meet you,Derek.I'm Adrienne",I responded."It's nice to meet you too,Adrienne",Derek replied."Black Veil Brides fan?",He asked."Yeah.I love them.Their lyrics tell my life's story",I responded.A small smile spreading across my face as I nod slightly."Same here.It's the same with all of us",Derek said as he gestured to the kids behind him,who seemed to nod in agreement with his statement."Care to join us?",he asked,looking at me with a smile."I'd love to!",I said with excitedly."Adrienne,meet Leila, Aiden, Jordyn, and Xavier",Derek said as he gestured to each person as he named them."Hi",I said as I waved. "Hello",they all said in unison. To me,finally meeting other kids who were like me was a miracle,so of course I was excited to join them."Welcome to the BVB Army",Derek and the other kids said. They all high-fived me and we all smiled and laughed as if we knew each other our whole lives.This was the day I was welcomed to the BVB Army.


(Sorry,this chapter is so short.Had writers block and I had a few other ideas for the story,hopefully you guys might like them)

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