Here's to your perfect weapon (We are breathing,while you're sleeping..)

Adrienne Knight....A 16 year old girl who is often misunderstood by everyone around her because of her love for the band Black Veil Brides.She feels there's no one else like her until she meets a group of kids.Adrienne finds a place where she belongs with the kids and together they take on the cool kids...They show them that they won't be ignored anymore..


4. Unbroken

~Adrienne's P.O.V~

I've met quite a few interesting people today and even though I just met them today,I feel like I've known them my whole life.Maybe because for once in my life I've found people that I can connect with and understand me.Now,I don't feel so bad about going home.I can go home with a smile on my face knowing that I now have friends that understand me and don't think I'm a freak.I smiled to myself as I finally made it home and walked through the front door,closing it behind me."Hi,Hun. How was school?",my mom asked."It was good..",I responded as I headed upstairs to my room.I changed out of my clothes and into some comfy pajamas and laid in my bed,I pulled my iPod out of my pants pocket and went through some of my Black Veil Brides songs until I got to "Unbroken"..I closed my eyes and nodded my head to the beat.My eyes started to get heavy and I fell asleep with "Unbroken" playing in my ears.


~Adrienne's Dream~

"Adrienne! C'mon! Get up! We gotta go!",Derek shook Adrienne vigorously to wake her up.She shot up from her bed with wide eyes."What?!",she exclaimed,wondering why Derek was shaking her and acting all nervous."It's time!",Derek said as he picked up Adrienne from the bed and helped her stand up.She looked outside her window and saw what was going on and saw that she wasn't in her usual drab neighborhood.Then,it suddenly hit her in a rush of realization...Just what Derek was talking about.Adrienne changed into her black jeans,combat boots,a black shirt and a black leather jacket with her nickname "Andie" written on the back of it.She then followed Derek outside and they met up with the rest of the outcasts or misfits.All the kids that were socially unacceptable because of their love for Black Veil Brides.What stood before these outcasts was something that they've all faced for a good while...The Conformist Sharks,otherwise known as the Socially Acceptable and Socially Elite due to their love of anything mainstream and their strong dislike for the "Freaks" or anything that isn't what they're use to.Adrienne turned to her fellow outcasts and said "Remember..If we stand together,we will be unbroken".


(Another short chapter lol...The little dream sequence in this chapter was inspired by "The Legion of the Black" film from the BVB album "Wretched and Divine:The Story Of The Wild Ones"..But,I put a bit of a twist on it, I guess lol.I'm probably gonna delete this story and write a new one..I don't know yet...Let me know,what you guys think...xoxo ~Amaris)

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