Here's to your perfect weapon (We are breathing,while you're sleeping..)

Adrienne Knight....A 16 year old girl who is often misunderstood by everyone around her because of her love for the band Black Veil Brides.She feels there's no one else like her until she meets a group of kids.Adrienne finds a place where she belongs with the kids and together they take on the cool kids...They show them that they won't be ignored anymore..


1. Meet Adrienne Knight



Hello,I'm Adrienne Knight.I go by Andie for short (and no I'm not trying to be like Andy Biersack from BVB..I just feel like when people say Adrienne,it's kinda boring and very formal sounding so I go by Andie).I'm 16 years old and my favorite band is Black Veil Brides.I love all of their songs.I can relate to so many of them.Everyone around me,thinks I'm weird because I don't talk much.Or I'm constantly writing.It helps me release my emotions,without having to tell anyone..Music is my only friend.Whenever I listen to a Black Veil Brides song,it's as if the song is talking about my life...I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have my music.My parents don't understand me.They always tell me "Adrienne,you're not weird".Well,why don't they tell that to everyone else....No one understands me at one except myself...

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