Lost at sea

This story is based on "The Lost City of Atlancis"
13 year old's, Lexi , Alexander and Callista watch in horror as there beautiful world fall apart. What will they do to to try and get there family's and friends of the island safley, and alive?
Follow them on thier journey to the middle on the ocean.


3. The market

I walked through the market. Or what was left of it. Shacks had been forced to the ground. Smothering food and canteens of water and wine.
I scurry to the remaining shacks, shoving goods into my satchel. I step out of the last shack to see thirteen solders surrounding princess Callista and king Darius.
Callista fell behind clutching a dirty old handkerchief. With a quick glance she threw it towards me. I ran to the nearest corner and scanned my area. No on in sight. I opened the cloth to find five golden bracelets.
"No" I breathed.


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