Lost at sea

This story is based on "The Lost City of Atlancis"
13 year old's, Lexi , Alexander and Callista watch in horror as there beautiful world fall apart. What will they do to to try and get there family's and friends of the island safley, and alive?
Follow them on thier journey to the middle on the ocean.


4. Father

I bolted home. I handed father the cloth and bracelets.                                                                    "Why, what is this?" He asked studying them carefully.                                                              

I connected them together. Two bracelets on top, Three bracelets on the bottom.   "Who gave you this!" he demanded.                                                                                     

"Callista, she was walking trough the market with exactly thirteen soldiers surrounding her and her father. They are headed to the outer ring of Atlantis, then heading back to the castle..." I finished.                                                                                                            

"Your a very smart girl". My father said moving a long piece of my honey blonde hair out of my face.                                                                                                                              

I winced before flexing my arms for an awaiting embrace.

"Why didn't I feel like it?"                               

I walked to Alexander's shack, Leaving my Father in peace.                                                             I felt betrayed, I hope the castle collapses with Callista underneath it!

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