Lost at sea

This story is based on "The Lost City of Atlancis"
13 year old's, Lexi , Alexander and Callista watch in horror as there beautiful world fall apart. What will they do to to try and get there family's and friends of the island safley, and alive?
Follow them on thier journey to the middle on the ocean.


6. Callista's point of view

I didn't say anything else.                                                                                                                  I wanted to be her best friend again but how could she ever forgive me for putting her father in danger? She didn't say anything either. She scuffed her sandals walking back and forth.                         

"do you know where Alexander is?" she spoke roughly, breaking silence.                             

"In the church why?" I asked throwing a pebble into the lakes current.                                

"He's a much better friend than you'll ever be Miss perfect princess!" She scorned.          

I watched her pivot and bolt down the riverside towards the church.

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