Warm Bodies (based on awesome movie)


1. Harmony

Julie: It's Halloween and even though we live in harmony with the zombies my dad still isn't reasonable with them, he does like R because he's now human and for Halloween R went as a vampire but I went as a zombie which my dad nearly killed me because he thought I got bitten but I didn't, it's Halloween, therefore it's just a costume. R and I were invited to this party called The Zombie Prom I guess it's a party with zombies. My friend, Nora, came to pick us up with her boyfriend who was a zombie but now a warm zombie with a beating heart, soon to become human. His name is Luis and he remembers his name because he was a rich son of a corporate CEO and the dead infection was still in the air so he came back as a zombie. Nora was dressed as a witch and Luis was just going as himself but had a backup costume just in case if it's required for zombies to wear them or if he became human again.  

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