Her Lost And Broken Soul (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Abused. Broken. Lost. Those three words perfectly describe one girl. Bethany Ann Olsen is her name. She is 18 years old, a runaway. Bethany left home at only 15, after five years of endless, tortures abuse. That's where she meet Justin, yes thee Justin Bieber on the streets of Toronto. He saw her sitting there, tossed her a few dollars and within a few seconds he was gone. Now, three years later Bethany is living with an abusive boyfriend, still suffering from the abuse, and on the verge of taken her life. But, when Bethany works up enough nerve to walk to the lake to drown herself and a certain boy saves her life. The one who tossed her five dollars three years earlier on the dirty streets of Toronto. Will he turn her life around for the better or will she just go back crumbling to the ground?



3. Chapter Two

I walk inside of my house, the smell of weed and alcohol filling my nose. I cough as I place my car keys down on the table. I then hear moaning upstairs and I groan. Kenny has another one of his "friends" over. Now, you may be thinking that I should care that he is currently fucking some other girl in our bed, but I don't. I mean as long as he isn't beating me or yelling at me, then I could honestly care less what he does. I put my purse on the table next to my keys and I kick off my vans. I place them by the door, then I quietly make my way upstairs. I sigh as I knock on the door, "Babe?" I ask quietly. I hear the moaning stop and stomping. The door then flies open and I'm greeted by a naked Kenny. "Oh! Hey babe!" he grins as he pulls me into the room.

I stand there awkwardly as some red-headed bimbo lays on my bed, not even covering herself. "I just need clothes, then I'll be out of your hair." I whisper as I walk past Kenny and grab some clean clothes from my closet. I turn back around to leave but I'm stopped by a grip on my arm. I look up to see Kenny standing there a very angry look on his face. "What did I tell you about walking in on me?!" he yells. I flinch at the sound of his voice. "I-I knocked." I correct him and that was the wrong then to do. His hand raises and lands right on the side of my face, causing me to fall to the ground. The girl laughs as she watches me fall and encourages him to keep going. Dumb bitch cant help me. I touch my cheek, "Kenny I'm sorry." I sniff as I blink back my tears. "No! I'm done with your sorrys! Your worthless little bitch, go kill yourself!" he screams at me. I look up at him with a shocked look, he may beat me but he has never gone that far with his words before. I quickly got to my feet and raced out of the room. 

"Bethany!" I hear him call after me, but instead I run downstairs, grab my keys & purse, not even bothering to put on shoes. I run out the door, to my car but I cant even open the door. So I just run and don't look back like I did three years ago. I hear Kenny still calling my name but I don't care. He's just like my father, I hate him. It then hits me. The lake, I'm going to kill myself. I look at my keys and bite my lip. I press the key to my wrist as I slow down and start to walk, I slice the key across my skin, leaving one deep cut. I then do it more & more until both of my arms are covered in cuts. 

I finally arrive at lake, my tears blurring my vision, and blood rapidly pouring from my fresh cuts on my writs. I'm done with life, Kenny is a bastard, my dad hates me and my mom is gone. I don't have a reason to live anymore. I'm going to end it, my life is worthless anyways. I let my thoughts run wild as I approach the lake. It's pouring ran and no one else is here but a few parked cars across the street. I look around making sure no one can see me. I walk into the lake slowly, the cold water being splashed on me. I start to feel light headed from the amount of blood I've lost. I then collapse, the water rushing over my body. I don't even have time to react or get up, my body is already being pulled under by the current. That's it. It's over, I'm going to die. I'll finally have peace. Those are my last thoughts before I black out...

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