Her Lost And Broken Soul (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Abused. Broken. Lost. Those three words perfectly describe one girl. Bethany Ann Olsen is her name. She is 18 years old, a runaway. Bethany left home at only 15, after five years of endless, tortures abuse. That's where she meet Justin, yes thee Justin Bieber on the streets of Toronto. He saw her sitting there, tossed her a few dollars and within a few seconds he was gone. Now, three years later Bethany is living with an abusive boyfriend, still suffering from the abuse, and on the verge of taken her life. But, when Bethany works up enough nerve to walk to the lake to drown herself and a certain boy saves her life. The one who tossed her five dollars three years earlier on the dirty streets of Toronto. Will he turn her life around for the better or will she just go back crumbling to the ground?



4. Chapter Three

Justin's Point Of View 

"Dude, come on now! Swimming in the rain will be hella fun!" squealed Fredo like a little five year old girl. I rolled my eyes as I stood up, stretching. "Man, I dunno." I mutter as I walk to the fridge. "Please Justin!" he whined as he slide in front of me, got on his knees, and literally begged me. I stared at him, "Fredo, are you kidding me right now?" I laughed as I watch him pump his fists in a begging manner. "Fine!" I yell. Fredo smiles and jumps up, kicking the fridge door shut. "No eating! Let's go now!" he raced off and turned left, heading up the stairs. I swear he is a mentally five years old. After a few seconds I walked out of the kitchen and headed up the stairs. I walked into my room and changed into my swim trunks and a black tank top. I slipped on some black vans, ones I didn't mine getting wet or muddy. I grabbed my phone, a draw string bag, and tossed my phone, sunglasses, and towel inside of the bag. 

I walked out of my room and I was greeted by a shirtless Fredo who was literally so excited I swear he was about to piss himself. "Lets go dude." I smiled as I walked ahead of Fredo, who was quickly behind me. When we walked outside, the sky was clear and sunny. "Looks like we aren't swimming in the rain." I laughed as we started to walk to the lake. I grabbed my phone out of my bag and flipped through Twitter, tweeting about my next single and RTing along with replying to some fans. I locked my phone and slide it into one of my pockets. Once we go to the lake, it was full of people. Not as busy as the beach but still very, very busy. "Go find a spout, I'll be back." I tell Fredo, I hand him my bag and phone. He nods his head and heads off to find us a spot. I walked along the shore line, sort of wanting to be alone for a little. As I'm walking I notice a body floating in the water, I look a little harder and notice the body isn't moving. I quickly kick off my shoes and race into the water. I dive in, swimming as fast as I can. I finally arrive to the body and I grab the person and pull them up so they're facing me. I shake the water out of my face and grab the person so they're bridal style. I quickly swim out of the water, thank god they didn't drift out too far. 

"Fredo!" I yell as I come to shore with the body, he runs over and take the person from me without even asking questions. "Dude?! What the hell?" he asks as he lays the person down. "They were floating limp in the water." I tell him and I finally take a good look at the person or should I say. She was breathtakingly stunning, long blonde hair, tan skin. I shake my head and start to CPR, "Fredo! Call 911!" I order. He quickly dials 911 as people start to gather around us. "Back up!" I yell and they do as told. "Come on, please, please wake up." I beg as I stare at her pale face. As I lean down to give her more air, she starts to cough and her eyes flutter open.

Bethany's Point Of View

I cough as I open my eyes, seeing a boy hovering over me. "Oh thank God." he mumbles. I cant even speak or move, my body is so weak. I try to sit up but he quickly lays me back down very gently. "Please, don't move." he begs. I hear another voice telling the boy that the ambulance is here. "Over here!" the boy yells and I see paramedics race over. The boy moves away from me, allowing the paramedics to take over and care for me. After they examine my body, they pick me up and place me on a stretcher. I'm wheeled off to a ambulance and put inside of it. "Can I come with her?" I hear the boy. "Sure son." I hear a man tell him and the boy is next to me. "I'm Justin." he tells me and I just look at him. "What's your name?" a women asks me as she puts a needle into my arm that is hooked up to a IV. "B-Bethany." I say. "Okay, how old are you?" she asks as I hear pen scribble across paper. "Eighteen." I reply. The women then stops asking me questions and I feel a warm hand on top of mine. I look down and see Justin's hand on top of mine. I try to smile but it hurts too much. 

We finally arrive to the hospital and Justin is moved away from me as they rush me out of the ambulance and into the hospital. My vision is blurred by the blinding bright lights, I hear a few words exchanged between people but I don't really pay much attention. I'm then wheeled off into a room, were they strip me out of my wet clothes, so I'm completely naked and they put a gown on me. I'm then wheeled into another room, "This is where you will be staying." the nurse tells me as she hooks me up to a IV. "Now, sleep." she whispers as I notice her inject something into the IV. Sleeping medicine I figure and sure enough I was right. My eyes slowly start to close and I drift off into a deep slumber. 

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