Her Lost And Broken Soul (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Abused. Broken. Lost. Those three words perfectly describe one girl. Bethany Ann Olsen is her name. She is 18 years old, a runaway. Bethany left home at only 15, after five years of endless, tortures abuse. That's where she meet Justin, yes thee Justin Bieber on the streets of Toronto. He saw her sitting there, tossed her a few dollars and within a few seconds he was gone. Now, three years later Bethany is living with an abusive boyfriend, still suffering from the abuse, and on the verge of taken her life. But, when Bethany works up enough nerve to walk to the lake to drown herself and a certain boy saves her life. The one who tossed her five dollars three years earlier on the dirty streets of Toronto. Will he turn her life around for the better or will she just go back crumbling to the ground?



5. Chapter Four

I'm awaken by the sound of chairs squeaking across the floor. I groan as I rub my eyes and slowly sit up, a lot of my strength back now. I then realize my arms are bandaged up and I open my eyes fully. "Oh, I didn't mean to wake you." I hear a soft voice so I look up and see Justin standing across from my bed. I nod my head and I move the covers noticing that my legs are now bandaged as well. Well, shit they know about my self harm, fuck. I sigh as I look at Justin who is starting at me. "Yes?" I giggle and he looks away quickly. "Well, um I just want to know why you were floating out there?" he asks bluntly as he sits down in a chair. I sigh I mean this kid did save my life and he gave me five dollars that saved my life. But I doubt he even remembers that, but he saved me twice so I at least owed him some answers. 

"It's a long story, are you prepared?" I ask as I sit up a little straighter. He nods his head slowly, but reassuringly. I bite my lip, close my eyes and take a deep breath. "Okay, well it all started when I was ten years old. My mother left us when I was around two, I have no idea why and I still don't to this day. My father & I had a really good relationship, my dad always took really good care of me. Until one day, it was my tenth birthday, something inside of him snapped. He instead of throwing me a birthday party, he beat me and raped me that whole day. It was like that until I was fifteen, I ran away from home. I lived on the streets for two years, until I was seventeen, I left and came here to LA. This is where I meet Kenny, my now ex boyfriend. We meet, slept together, and started to live together in one day. I use to a total slut, it's how I got around for a while. I thought Kenny was different, but oh lord Jesus I was wrong. He turned out to be just like my dad, but way, way worse. So, today I had enough, he snapped told me I was worthless and too kill myself. So, I basically ran to the lake and did what just he told me to do. And now we are here." I finally finish and I look at Justin who is sitting there in utter shock. "Justin?" 

Justin's Point Of View

"And now we are here." I hear her finish up and I cant even speak. I never expected something like that to come out of her mouth. Her, she is so amazing and I didn't even know she had to endure all of that pain and suffering, just one look at her and she looks happy no depressed. "Justin?" I hear her call my name and I look up at her. "Bethany, I-I'm so sorry." I whisper. She shakes her head and sort of laughs. "It's not your fault." she then suddenly changed. "Wait! I'm lying! It is your fault! Why didn't you let me fucking die?!" She screams which causes me to jump. She jumps out of her bed and races towards the window, it's really dumb how we are on the third floor. Before she can even get it opened, I'm right behind her, grabbing her and making her fall to her knees, me behind her. She's now sobbing. "Let me die! Let me die!" she screams over and over again. 

"Shh." I whisper as I sooth her. "I want to die!" she cries out again. "I deserve to die!" I sigh at the sound of her awful words. "No, shh." I beg as I rock her back and forth. I then hear the door open and I turn to see a man standing there. "Hey man, let go of my girlfriend." he growls as he stomps over and rips me from Bethany. "And who might you be?" I snap as I get to my feet. "Kenny." he responds. Oh shit...

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