Her Lost And Broken Soul (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Abused. Broken. Lost. Those three words perfectly describe one girl. Bethany Ann Olsen is her name. She is 18 years old, a runaway. Bethany left home at only 15, after five years of endless, tortures abuse. That's where she meet Justin, yes thee Justin Bieber on the streets of Toronto. He saw her sitting there, tossed her a few dollars and within a few seconds he was gone. Now, three years later Bethany is living with an abusive boyfriend, still suffering from the abuse, and on the verge of taken her life. But, when Bethany works up enough nerve to walk to the lake to drown herself and a certain boy saves her life. The one who tossed her five dollars three years earlier on the dirty streets of Toronto. Will he turn her life around for the better or will she just go back crumbling to the ground?



6. Chapter Five

Bethany's Point Of View

I hear Kenny's voice and I instantly freeze with fear. I don't dare to look back, my whole body is shaking. "Justin." I whisper. I guess he hears me because I heart a groan then Justin is right by my side. "It's okay." he says. "K-Kenny, can you please go." I ask as Justin holds me in his arms. "Fine, but just know I love you." he says, trying to play cool since he thinks Justin doesn't know.Once I hear the door shut, I sit up and look at Justin. "He can't know that you know. I have to go back with him." Justin just stares at me, "No!" he yells. He shakes his head. "No, I'm not letting you go back with him." Justin grabs me gently and pulls me to him. I sigh and I hear the door open, I look up and see two doctors. "Bethany?" one of the doctors who is a women asks me. "Yes?" I pull away from Justin and stand up. "You need to come with us, you must be treated at a treatment hospital for your self harm and well, suicidal intentions." 

My heart drops to my stomach as I hear her speak those words. I know I can't resist, fight back, or say no. I have no other choice. I just simply nod my head, I turn around to Justin. "I'm sorry." I hug him and I pull away from him. I walk up to the doctors and we leave the room.

Justin's Point Of View

I watch as Bethany walks out of the room with the two doctors. I shake my head, knowing I can't run after her really hurts me. But, I mean I can't be falling for her? I'm dating Arianna, yes the Arianna Grande. I pull myself from my thoughts and gather my things I had scattered on the floor. My towel, sunglasses, and shirt. I throw my shirt back on, put on my glasses, grab my towel, and I leave the room. I text Scooter telling him I'm heading home, and that Bethany is okay. I walk out of the hospital to be greeted by the flash of dozens of cameras. "Justin! Justin!" they all yell my name, blocking my way to my car which Alfredo drove here for me and is waiting for me in. I push past them then jog to my car. I hop into the passenger's side and Fredo speeds off. It's quiet the whole ride back to my house. 

We finally get there. "Thanks." I smile as I get out and go inside. "Babe!" I hear a familiar squeal from the kitchen and Arianna runs out. "Hey!" I smile as I grab her and kiss her. I pull away after about a minute and smile at her. "That's amazing, y'know what you did for that girl." I just nod my head. "Thanks babe." I wrap my arm around her waist and we go into the kitchen. I see Scooter, Ryan, and Kenny all sitting at the table with very serious faces. Arianna pulls away from me. "I'll see you later. They need to talk to you." she kisses my cheek and walks out of the kitchen. I grab a chair and sit down. "What's up?" I ask. Scooter sighs. "Your mom called me and said that, well that girl you saved, was the same girl you gave five dollars to on the streets of Toronto when you both were fifteen." I look at him shocked then it hits me. "Oh yeah. So, what does that have to do with anything?" I ask. "And well, her dad is looking for her." I can feel my eyes grow huge with shock. "No! He can't come find her!" I yell, making them all confused. "Too late, he already knows where she is. He saw her on the news, contacted your mother and she told him about her, well only that you told her that you gave her five dollars on the street." Scooter says. "No! No! No!" I quickly get up and race out of the kitchen. I need to find Bethany.  

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