Her Lost And Broken Soul (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Abused. Broken. Lost. Those three words perfectly describe one girl. Bethany Ann Olsen is her name. She is 18 years old, a runaway. Bethany left home at only 15, after five years of endless, tortures abuse. That's where she meet Justin, yes thee Justin Bieber on the streets of Toronto. He saw her sitting there, tossed her a few dollars and within a few seconds he was gone. Now, three years later Bethany is living with an abusive boyfriend, still suffering from the abuse, and on the verge of taken her life. But, when Bethany works up enough nerve to walk to the lake to drown herself and a certain boy saves her life. The one who tossed her five dollars three years earlier on the dirty streets of Toronto. Will he turn her life around for the better or will she just go back crumbling to the ground?



1. Bethany Ann Olsen

Hello there.. 

I'm Bethany Ann Olsen, I'm 18 years old, I was born on August 7.

I currently live in LA, but I'm from Toronto. 

I'm currently unemployed and out of school.

I live in an apartment with my um.. boyfriend, Kenny. 

He's 20, we started dating last year. 

I hate with a burning passion, my love for him has banished over the course of the year.

He's very rude and abusive towards me. 

Well, I'm a "runaway" or whatever you want to call me.

I left home at 15 years old, after being sexually, mentally, and emotionally abused by my own father for 5 years. 

He blamed me for my mother leaving us when I was younger, she just randomly left one day.

So, one night I packed a bag, left out my window and ran. I never looked back.

I lived on the streets for three years until I was 17, got on a bus and came here. 

Um, what else oh yeah.. three years ago I "meet" Justin Bieber. 

Well, he saw me sitting on the side of the street, smiled at me and tossed me five dollars then he walked off with his mom. 

Nevertheless, I am still thankful to this day for that 5 dollar bill. 

But, well that's really all I have to say about myself.

Thanks for reading. 


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