My Sister's Boyfriend

She was the girl that kept quiet, she never wanted to be compared to her sister. He was in the flashing lights, dating her sister.


1. past

Ariana's prov

I used to be the girl that was popular, that always smile, that dated  used to have a mom and brother. I used to have a dad before he left me and my sister because of his depression and drinking and overdose which caused him to die, Me and my sister aren't close at all she is one year older than me, she loves the spotlight and likes attention, she sometimes can be a bit slutty, her name yup Selena Gomez yes theee famousss Selena Gomez. Now your wondering why Selena has a different surname yeah she changed it she didnt wsnt to be like connected to us so yea. But really when everyone left only Selena was there and ye we dont get long becuse you know were not alike and she's barely ever home cause you know wizards of waverly place.



My mom was taking Selena shopping for her auditions on some show and made me and my baby brother Ryan come with them. Selena begged mom for shot guns and me and Ryn got stuck in the back. It was raining hard and Selena stubbornly turned on the radio to a like a normal sort high volume. I was just wandering looking out as the rin came pouring down, my mom was talking too Selena about her becoming famous and all that. I was never really like center of attention to my parents, they either saw Ryan or Selena, i was just the popular 13 year old in school you know. Well Mom was a bit caught up in Selena and a big truck came out of nowhere and hit Mom and Ryan side of the car. 2 weeks later i finally woke up from coma, and saw my dad there. My dad had said that Selena right now is at the shooting she was hurt badly just scrapes, my mom and brother hd died on the spot, and i almost died. So my dad left to pick up Selena and I decided to cll Justin but all he said ws were breaking up and that i was fat bitch that slept with evry guy so that really hurt espiecially the day i wake to know my mom and brother died and i could have died with them. The days after i decided to go to school and when I did i was humilliated by Justin and from then on i was bullied. My dad left us a few days after and we found out he died. My emotion is gone i've been through so much ache.

End of past

Selena's making us move to Atlanta because of a movie she has to do so were packing so bye.



Im sorry I know this probably sucked but I promise it will get better trust me!!!! And my keyboard sucks so sorry for spelling mistakes i know how to spell!

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