My Sister's Boyfriend

She was the girl that kept quiet, she never wanted to be compared to her sister. He was in the flashing lights, dating her sister.


2. Meet my boyfriend

Ariana's prov

Selena: Did you get all of your stuff packed

Ariana: Yea

Selena: Let's go

Selena got in her limo and i got into my friends old beat up truck, Selena doesn't really want me in her spot light, and I just like the simple things in life. My friend was going to drop me off the airport me and Selena are going to the airport so we could leave for Atlanta, because Selena has a movie to do and well she wants to be closer to her boyfriend who i still haven't heard of her. I was wearing

I mean i'm sitting on a airplane for more than 8 hours might as well be comfortable. Oh and I have a messy bun and my nerd glasses on well this why my sister doesn't really like being seen with me because she well thinks i'm a nerd, well i dont need glasses but i prefer them. I feel like i'm my own person you know shy, humble, and nothing like my sister. I thanked my friend and hugged her goodbye and went to the airport with my bags, spotting my sister giving her bags to the limo driver to take I walked in her but not too close too her you know.

Selena: Walk faster you dweeb

-1hr later-

We were on the plane Selena in first class while you know i was in the economy class but who cares i mean it's just a seat. I took out my book and put my headphones on and turned on my music.

-after planed ride-

I stretched my arms out at the airport wow i guess that was an okay ride. I got my and Selena's bags, you know Selena's orders. We got into the taxi and got in to our new house that Selena had gotten well might as well get used to this. I looked at this huge mansion type house and was in just awe. I searched the house and found my room and instantly began putting my clothes and everything so i don't have to unpack later. I turned on my stereo and out blasted music, i need music to get things done right.


Selena's prov

I had my assistant unpack all my things while I get ready because my boyfriend is coming over to see me!! I was wearing

I sprayed myself in my perfume, put on lipstick and checked myself out in the mirror and went downstairs and heard a knock on the door, I opened it and hugged and kissed my boyfriend

Selena: I missed you


Ariana's prov

I finalllllllyyyyyy finished like yeaaa, my music was still blaring and i heard my tummy rumble. I was still in my airport but who cares lol. I put my nerdy glasses back on and fixed my messy bun and ran downstairs carefully with my fuzzy socks on. I went into the kitchen and grabbed my sour patch kids and jumped on the counter and just thought of random things while eating my sour patch kidzzzzz!! (LOL I LOVE SOUR PATCH KIDS!!!!!)

Selena: ARIANA!!

Ariana: Huh what

Selena: what's wrong with you

Ariana: Oh nothing, why do you seem so happy

Selena: My boyfriend

Ariana: oh right well who is this dude

Selena: This dude is outside, so don't try to embarrass me!

Ariana: Alright

Selena left, and I continued eating my sour patch kids. I started getting bored around the house when I heard Selena call me.

Selena: Ariana i would like you to meet my boyfriend

so my sisters dating Justin Bieber!

Justin: Nice to meet you

Ariana: You too

Selena: Okay now you can go

I went upstairs and changed into my pajamas and brushed my teeth before going to bed.

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