My Sister's Boyfriend

She was the girl that kept quiet, she never wanted to be compared to her sister. He was in the flashing lights, dating her sister.


4. Home school

Ariana's prov

the sun was hidden by the pack of gray cloudscit was raining hard, and it was 1:26 p.m. We have school today, and if your wondering me and Selena are home schooled because Selena's always busy, and I was not comfortable going due to my past, but anyway the weather is going to be like this all day soo yeah. I got up and changed into



Without the boots instead red fuzzy socks, no bag and black thick glasses, and no bag


i skipped downstairs and found Selena wearing a shirt and shorts while she's on the treadmill

Ariana: aren't you freezing

Selena: nope

Ariana: so when's the teacher coming

Selena: in ten minutes, I'm gonna go take a shower 

Ariana: k

i walked by the mirror when I was going to the kitchen, and saw that my hair was had dried from the shower I had token so, I put it up in a bun and continued to walk to the kitchen. I grabbed a bowl and poured myself some captain crunch cereal and milk

Selena: can you make me a bowl of coco puffs cereal

Ariana: that was a quick shower, and fine

i quickly made one for Selena and handed it to her while she was on her phone

Selena: did I mention that Justin's  going to be coming here

Ariana: ugh whyyy

Selena: maybe I promised him he can school with us, and since your such a brainiac and ended up in his and my grade you have to school with us

Ariana: we still could've done different teachers

Selena:yea- ooh Justin's here I'll get it

I  washed our bowls and ran upstairs to brush my teeth, and gather my things for school


no need to yell I mumbled

i grabbed my bag and skipped down the stairs avoiding eye contact with anyone and went to meet the teacher

Mrs. Plaza: Ah Ari how are you this morning





Ariana: Fine how are you



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