Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


7. White shores

"Wait wait wait! Let's get this straight. You're a Skylord and you came from that mountain we all saw that was covered by black clouds?" Micha exclaimed as she leaned forward from her branch she sat on.

"Correct!" Aldrin replied as he pointed at Micha but did not turn his head to her. Micha's eye brows fell as she had still more queries.

"And that was a dragon that caused all that chaos? One dragon?!" His hand was still pointed at her as he sadly nodded his head. His faced turned to confusion as it was his turn to ask a question.

"Well, I have guessed that Elab is a drifter. No doubt about it." Elab lifted his head from sharpening his dull blade with a piece of flint. He quickly turned back to it again.

"But one thing that still alludes me is... Why are two here?" Jess looked up at Micha as Micha looked at her. Micha started to wave her leg like a tail from the tree's arm as she chewed on a splint of grass. Aldrin waited and watched their mouths for an answer.

"You heard of the Zunlaya Province to the south?" said Micha as she took the grass out of her chops.

"Yes. What of it?" Aldrin replied. Jess now thought it was her time to talk and interrupted Micha before she even spoke.

"We're both princesses of the provinces from there. We've ran away from that drab old life now and within a few hours, we find you two. One of you nearly killed us! Happy days!" she said with slight sarcasm. They all chuckled slightly as Micha nodded in agreement. 

"Ah ha! You have some humor. Like I said, I do apologize for my ambush. What is your name? You haven't spoken at all since I have been here." Jess said her name with a small stutter in fear.

"J-Jessica. Jessica Foxglove"
Aldrin smiled fondly. Elab finished up his sword as it gleamed with noise from his sharpening. But a faint noise also merged with the gleam as ruffles and raffles of leaves hit their ears. Voices now started to uncover themselves as they drifted through the breath of the woods. They said

"Your majesties, I heard a frail voice this way. Perhaps it's
your daughters." A lower voice spoke.

"It had better be!
Make haste!" The two girls' faces widened as their eyes expanded and their jaws dropped lightly and slowly. Aldrin and Elab looked towards the voices in wonderment.

"Looks like someone forgot to tell their parents they were going out for the night..." said Aldrin. The four of them looked at each other quickly and even quicker to grab their gear and make a dash out of the forest. The voices got louder as they heard frantic tossing of leaves of foot steps. Micha and Jess ran as fast their desperate legs could take them. They had no intention of going back. Elab and Aldrin weren't too keen on being blamed for stealing two kings' children either. Eight legs and arms were now desperately dodging tree trunks as they zipped past each one; like the trees were also trying to stop them as well. Aldrin tried to stay ahead of the game as he grabbed one of the firm trees and climbed up it. He hurled his body from tree to branch as he hopped in a diagonal direction to reach over the tree line. As he broke through the chaos of twigs, he could see a shore line with pure white sands. The sea stroked the shore line as it came in and out as it sang a lullaby to the clean grit. He wrestled back down into the deep forest and caught up with the other three stampeding shades.

As they exploded out of the tree line, they stopped dead at the sands in amazement. Each of them forgot their troubles as the sight dazzled their minds. They blotted out the closer voices and only did they come around when the battalion was right in front of them. The soldiers were armed and ready with heavy burgeons, bulky guns and strong helmets. They lined up in an uneven line and knelt down to the ground. 


Two men of bulky and masculine figure stood up high on two equally stout horses. Their eyes lit up in flame as the thrill and anger at their young ones oozed out.

"Michaela Eagleheart! How dare you run away from your destiny so rashly! And Foxglove! You seemed so happy and tranquil but yet you follow my daughter!" Micha and Jess said nothing
as they coward in behind the two boys. Aldrin took a step forward as Elab masked the girls. The king's face turned a molten red.

"Do not take a step closer! Or I shall order my men to fire upon you!"

Aldrin's second step hesitated as he saw the line of soldiers ready their firearms at him. The foot retracted. Yet he spoke with a touch of sarcastic joy.

"I am awfully sorry your majesties." His words queued for his hands to conjure a multicolored sphere of energy. The soldiers squeezed their triggers and let fly their bullets. Aldrin clapped his hands together and Elab, Micha, Jess and Aldrin all vanished in light. The clap made a boom like thunder that washed out the sound of gun fire. The bullets streamed through where Aldrin was standing and some even clashed together as they were aimed in exactly the same place. The entire battalion looked confused as they flicked their heads around. The king bellowed in despair as the sleepy sands were deafened by his howl.    


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