Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


14. What are you?

Jess and Aldrin saw Elab and Micha fly up through the tunnel to the upper lands. Jess was starting to get nervous as she was left alone with Aldrin. Aldrin looked at her with sprinkle of wonder as he looked at Jess with his eyes squinted.

"What's the matter Jess? You look... troubled like a puppy." Jess smiled a bit at the thought of Aldrin calling her a puppy. Aldrin shook his head happily and stood up.

"Well let's take your mind off what ever it is your pondering. Micha's gone to test her new armor so why don't you hm?" Aldrin said as went to get his fingerless gloves from his crate. As he wiggled his fingers to fit them through the holes at the end of the gloves, he spoke confidently.

"What would you like? Full out fight with me: no holding back. Or do some exercises and scenarios?" Jess stopped chewing on her leather arm braces as she went to reply.

"Ummm. Full out fight please." As she spoke, Aldrin took of his shirt to unleash his bulky figure. His pecks and abdominal muscles were rock hard and Jess' girlish fantasies met her eyes. Aldrin was completely oblivious to Jess' thoughts as he raised his fists.

"Well then. Let's get this started and remember. No holding back." Jess then rattled the thoughts out of her head and switched on what she was taught about fighting. She raised her fists in the ready position as the two minds circled each other; observing each other and starring their opponent down.

Aldrin then burst out in speed as he lunged a fist at Jess' head. She did a back flip to avoid it; swinging a kick at him in one swift movement. Aldrin also avoided it and the two now started to punch, kick, block and counter one another in a flail of violent dancing. Then Jess got a lucky punch on Aldrin's jaw. His head was knocked to one side and Jess followed up with more punches to the head. But Aldrin seemed to not be affected by them at all as his head was knocked from side to side. He then blocked one and kneed her in stomach. She hurtled back but kept her footing. As she stood up, she pulled her head back for a veracious headbutt. Aldrin decided to counter her headbutt with one of his own. Both of their skulls clashed together but neither of them felt pain or were affected by the blow as they stood there watching each other; their foreheads locked together. Both of them were out of breath and the sweat from their foreheads trickled down the sides of their heads.

Jess saw this as a good chance for her second giddy thought to be a reality. She moved her mouth forward from the clash and kissed Aldrin. Aldrin did not know what to do until his natural human instinct took over as he kissed her back. They kissed for a few more seconds until they both stopped to review each other.

"Well how long have you wanted to do that for Jess?"

"For a while now. I've just been too awkward and girly to be in the same room as you. Let alone talk to you." He sniggered in joy from knowing that he was completely oblivious to how she felt. He then suddenly thought of one secret he had. one secret that tortured his thoughts. It was then Jess' turn to squint at him in question. She stroked the side of his face as the back her hand rubbed against his stubble.

"What's wrong?" He then turned back to her.

"You must know one thing if you want to get to know me. One dark secret I have kept from you all." He stepped back from where she stood and took a deep breath in.

Jess was getting slightly concerned as to what was going to happen. He then got down on one knee as his body contracted. A storm of light burst from where he stood and he emerged from it as new being. The bright yellow eyes shone upon Jess. Jess then screamed an ear breaking scream from what he had become. He was a werewolf. His fur was short and a glossy white. He was larger in figure and stood tall from his legs. He kept looking at Jess as she fell to a pile of fear on the floor. She covered her eyes with her hands and waited for her guts to be ripped out and her insides to be eaten. But she waited and waited and waited but nothing happened. She could then hear foot steps coming to her and she tensed even more. She then felt hot breath on her skin. She opened up her hands to find Aldrin staring at her. He then spoke with a low tone of voice. It was like a dog's growl mixed with a human voice.

"Jess. I am not going to hurt you. I would not dream of it." Jess now fully removed her arms away from her face.

"But-but you're a werewolf. I thought werewolves are ravenous killers that come out at night." she said; sniveling and sniffing from her previous crying scene.

"That is true. But I am a different kind of werewolf, I am a Halo Werewolf. We have a gift rather than a curse." She then grew more trusting to Aldrin and lifted her hand towards his head and petted him round the ear. His fur was soft and puffy as he closed his eyes in comfort and smiled with glee.

"Jess! Jess! Run! Go!" came a voice from the left of Aldrin. Jess and Aldrin turned to see Elab and Micha hurtling towards the two of them. Micha pulled out her pistol and furiously pulled the trigger time and time again. Aldrin fell back from the hits and collapsed to the floor.

"No! Michaela!" Jess shouted as she begged Micha to stop. But the seven bullet holes in Aldrin closed up; healing themselves slowly. He then stood up from where he landed with a smug remark of

"Ow..." He changed back to human form again in an instant and brushed himself off. He looked up from brushing himself off and saw three faces glaring at him. "I may have a bit of explaining to do..."

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