Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


19. Travellers

The four of them sat around the fire, Jess and Aldrin sitting together, and Micha and Alex where sitting across from them one another chatting away. Elab still hadn't come back from hunting. 

"I'm kinda surprised the witch hasn't found us yet." Jess whispered quietly to Aldrin.

Micha heard this and started to listen into their conversation.

"Hmm Yes. It's unusual she hasn't yet." Aldrin replied

"Umm guys I have something you guys might want to know." Micha called over crackling flames with a guilty look on her face.

"Yeess? Go on." Aldrin looked at her through the flames.

"Remember when I went off hunting on my own? Well I was in a tree waiting for some game and then a person who looked like the witch came by. I followed her to a hut and after I scared her slightly, she told me that she was the evil witch's sister. she told me about the witch's plans to open a portal from hell into Pangaea and let loose a demon army from hell." she then paused and thought about telling them about what the witch did to her. But she remembered what the witch told her about not telling anyone.

"Well, that would have been a good thing to say like TWO DAYS AGO!" Aldrin yelled as he stood up from his seat. His voice enraged the fire and ignited it to a roaring lion. Micha fell back slightly from her chair in shock. 

"Sorry, I didn't think it was that important at the time." Micha said shyly.

At that moment Elab came walking in, carrying a deer with him.

"Ah good you're back..." Aldrin said still glaring at Micha. "Everyone grab your stuff we're leaving. Now." He grumbled as he walked over to his chest.

Micha and Jess looked at each other, and got up and started to put their armour on. Alex was still sitting by the fire confused as hell as he darted his eyes left, right and center. Aldrin threw a set of armour at Alex and a sword.

"Here. put it on, and I hope you know how to use a sword. You're going to need it." 

Alex started to put the armour on, and strapped the sword over his shoulder. He looked around to see what everyone was doing. Aldrin was saying something to Jess quietly, Elab was getting his stuff ready, and Micha was strapping her weapons into the belt on her waist.

When they were all ready, they left the cave. All in single file up the exit. They reached the giant tree in the center of the forest and Aldrin looked up the tree with a smirk on his face.

"Hey Micha!" Aldrin called "Want to see who can climb this tree faster between the two of us?"

Micha hesitated because she was scared her angel abilities would show if she did it. She changed her mind quickly. "Sure why not." she answered smiling. Just don't think of wings she thought to herself. They both made ready at the base of the tree and Jess held her hand out at the top of the tree.

"Ready, Set, GO!" Jess said as she flashed her arm downwards. Micha swung in and out of the branches gracefully, while Aldrin grew furry and bulky arms and scaled the trunk with his claws digging into the hard bark. A few minutes later they both reached the top of the tree at the same time. "Who won? Micha called down the tree to where Jess was a little bit lower from them both.

"It was a tie!" Jess yelled back.

Aldrin and Micha started to scale down the tree to the others. They both clambered down from branch to branch. Micha got about half way down the tree when she hit a weak branch and the branch snapped under her weight. Aldrin heard and tried to hold out his hand to grab her. He missed. She screamed as she hit branch after branch; arms around her face to keep her face from getting torn up. Alex saw in worry and dived for her. As Micha was just about hit the ground, Alex caught her and skidded along the floor with her in his arms. She was trembling with fear and pain as her hands still encased her face. He set her down on a patch of grass what was showing through the snow, and Aldrin came rushing over.

"Micha are you okay?" Aldrin asked kneeling beside her.

She didn't answer, she just started to cry a little with her tears squeezing through her hands. Aldrin carefully grabbed her wrists which where cut and bloodied,and the cut Alex gave her when he attacked her was slashed open again. Aldrin pulled her hands away from her face to see how bad he face got slashed. Yet it wasn't as bad as the the rest of her but there still where a few bloody cuts on her cheeks and the sides of her face. 

While Aldrin was busy getting ready to help heal all the cuts Micha had gotten, Micha was still exactly where Alex put her down but her head was now in Alex's lap. Every few minutes she would let go a whimper if she tried to move. Everyone except Jess hadn't seen Micha this vulnerable. Aldrin walked over to where she was and clapped his hands together. He then placed his hand gently on Micha's deep wound on her arm. Her face tensed up as the pain ran through her.
"Hold very still." Aldrin whispered as his hands started to glow a light blue. Micha then felt a very strange sensation in her arm and whipped her eyes towards it. She could see the wound slowly closing up as the flesh molded together. She then heard Aldrin making cries of pain. Her head then whipped at Aldrin and she could see the wound forming it's self on Aldrin's arm instead! His hands then retracted off of Micha's arm as he embraced the entire wound on his arm. Micha's gaping wound had jumped onto Aldrin's arm and oozed pain from his arm.

"Is that any better Micha?" Aldrin asked as he rose from his knees.

"Yes... much better." she muttered quietly and rubbed her arm in astonishment.

"I didn't know you where capable of crying." Aldrin sniggered. His arm then started to close up like Micha's did. Micha then lifted her head slightly from Alex's lap and glared at Aldrin.

"So why couldn't you do that to me in the cave?!" she yelled.

"It hurts me Micha as well! I only do if I really have to! And in this case, I had to since I had no first aid equipment." he yelled back as he stomped over to Micha's limp body. "We're going to make camp right here. Tomorrow we'll start moving again." Aldrin shouted as he turned to everyone else. Elab, who had been sitting over on a tree root away from everyone, went off to go get fire wood. Aldrin then pulled up a log and changed into his wolf form in a burst of fur. He growled and spoke in his wolf like accent. "I'll take watch. The rest of you need to get some shut eye. I have a big plan for us tomorrow."

Everyone sat near the fire and unrolled their sleeping bags. Every except two docile souls at the other side of the fire. Micha was still resting on Alex's lap but now she was asleep. Alex tried to sit as still as he could; so as to not to wake her. 

"Here." Aldrin said as he lifted his arm and conjured a small stalagmite behind Alex that grew out of the ground slowly like a plant. He then pulled over the skin of an animal to keep Alex warm in the blistering cold of the dark. "Sweet dreams. You're one of us now."

"Thanks." Alex whispered as he rested his head against the tall rock that guarded him and Micha from behind.





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