Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


21. Training for Horror

"Michaela! Your father still has my men searching for you out there!" said the general. Micha grabbed Aldrin's imbedded dagger in the table and passed it back to him, still making eye contact with the general.

"Look, we need an army to fight off those demons and your men are up to the job." she grumbled. The general looked to one side in doubt.

"Well, we are short on good men at the moment. We've had a batch of new recruits who know nothing about combat."

"How many?" Aldrin butted in.

"Umm 700 or so." he muttered as he looked back at his book on the table. Aldrin nodded back.

"I can train them. We all can. I'm a Skylord and I have vast amounts of experience in combat." the general looked up from his book.

"They're all dead aren't they?" he said as he stepped back from the table.

"Well yes, but I am the last one. But do you know why they are all dead Sir?" the general shook his head lightly. "Because the same evil that is coming to Pangaea came for the Skylords first. Almost wiped them off this planet. But we have the upper hand this time. For us Skylords, it was an ambush and we had no idea they were coming. But now we know the malice is coming and we can ambush them!" the general turned to the back wall and kept silent for a minute or two. The suspense ate away at Aldrin's body as he longed for a reply. The general then turned back.

"If you can train those 700 recruits in time for the battle and well enough that they can fight, then you may have them." Aldrin hugged the general with a strong grip. Jess, Micha, Alex and Elab were all surprised by Aldrin's affection and just looked at one another in shock.

The five of them walked into the main courtyard and there were the new recruits in several dead straight lines. They stood still like statues in an art gallery; stout and proud. They were in all different shapes and forms. Young men with tattered jeans and jackets, middle aged men with polo shirts and shorts and women in skirts and waist coats. Aldrin stood at the front of the parade, with Jess and Elab to one side of him and Micha and Alex on the other. Aldrin's voice echoed through the courtyard and his low tone dug into everyone's ears.

"Recruits, my name is Aldrin and me and my fellow warriors beside me are here to teach you how to fight. By the time we are done with you, you'll swifter than a soaring eagle, with the force of an earthquake and have the strength of a roaring lion. Now first whilst you are lined up so nicely, give me 20 press ups in sync." They all hit the floor as if bullets had zipped over their heads. "Now when I say up, you go up and when I say down, you go down." From then on each day held something new for the novices as the week past. Aldrin was incharge of the new ones' fitness, Micha trained them in target practice with a gun, Elab tort them how to use a sword, Jess showed them the hand-to-hand side of combat when their weapons were scarce and Alex was assisting Aldrin in fitness. But Aldrin knew that Alex could of been put to better use, Alex had something about him. One day, Aldrin grabbed Alex by the shoulder and gave him a sword. 

"How good are with this weapon?" Alex looked up at him with slight worry in his eye.

"Not bad I guess..." Aldrin nodded. He then called out to the area and gestured with his hands.

"Everyone, me and my colleague will give you a demo of sword to sword combat.". The recruits then gathered round the two men and Alex's eyes were drowning with fear. The two then stood back and Aldrin drew his two swords and made the first move. Alex lightly blocked it with a weak stance and fell back on his fleet slightly.  Micha watched with as much worry as Alex. Aldrin kept coming time and time again and Alex still blocked each one softly. He was falling slowly blow by blow as Aldrin never stopped. Alex then saw a rack behind him through the sparks and it had an array of weapons leaning against it's wood. One of the weapons that was standing on that rack was a sight well met to Alex as he dashed to reach it. Aldrin, still chasing after him, was then hit by and arrow in the stomach. The entire audience gasped in horror but Aldrin just stood up, with blood dripping from his wound. He seemed unaffected as he yanked the arrow out of it's hole. The hole then closed up on it's self as normal (for Aldrin).

"I knew you were skilled with some kind of weapon." Aldrin replied. Alex looked at the bow with pride. Aldrin then ushered everyone back to their training and everyone scattered except Micha who strolled up to Alex.

"Maybe you could show how to use that properly one day?" she whispered as her cheeks went a rosey red.

"You know I will." he replied as he moved in to hold her hand. He looked into her eyes and saw they went a glistening gold. He was seeing things. As they moved closer together, they were split apart by a cry from across the grass.

"Oi! Love birds! We have 700 people to train. Alex! You're now teaching these people how to use a bow. Get to it!" The two of them looked at one another as they drifted apart to their stations.

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