Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


16. There is No Rest

A rocky field lay infront of a towering mountain that watched over the world. The breeze sprinted across the open ground as it took flakes of dust along with it. A huge army of heavily armored men stood tall on lions as steeds. They stood proud on the horizon as the colossal mountain protected and guarded them. They bellowed and sang at the top of their breath with the giant cats roaring along the winds. They charged along the dusty terrain; swords high and their voices and cries deafening the ground. They clashed into wall of stead fast creatures that wielded bulky swords of fire and shadow. As they fighting grew thicker, a human figure stood out from the others as an immense sword was cleaved into his stomach and he was held up to the sky. He then fell to the floor with a thud, but an angel flew down and carried him in it's arms. The wings expanded and gave flight high in the sky as the two of them faded away into the clouds. Aldrin then shot up from his bed as the image disappeared in an instant. His breathing tried to catch up with him as he looked around at everyone. They were dead but breathing as their minds relaxed into the night. It was silent in the cave with only the sound of dripping from the stalactites drooling into the lake below. The peace was then disrupted by a from Micha's side. A snore seemed to come from the core of her throat. Aldrin laughed silently and wrapped himself up again like a cocoon.

Micha woke up only a few hours later. Seeing everyone was still asleep, she decided to try out her new bow on her own. She ran over quietly to her chest where her armor lingered and pulled it on; walking past the little lake to admired her reflection.

"I really do look good in this." she whispered; smiling.

She then grabbed her bow and arrows and started to run up to the opening of the cave. As soon as the wind hit her face, her armor instantly started to warm the core body. She broke into a run towards the woods and got to the enormous tree where she shot her first deer. She jumped, bounced and swung her way gracefully up the tree and sat on a branch close to the top.

It took a while before she finally heard something coming towards the tree she was in. She got her bow ready and stretched the string back to her cheek and waited for her target to come into view. She was surprised when the thing that was coming towards the tree was not a deer but a person. But the person looked vaguely familiar to her. It then clicked in Micha's head who it was. The witch that attacked them a few days ago on the beach!

"This is bad! Really bad!" Micha said pulling her bow over her shoulders and started to bound her way down the tree. Micha fell and landed silently in a crouch in the deep snow and started to follow after the witch. After a few minutes she realized walking through deep snow wasn't going to do any good. She jumped and grabbed the first branch she could reach and flung herself up onto it. Swinging from branch to branch, Micha was able to keep up with the witch to see where she was going. All the time being unseen and unheard like the air.

The witch then strolled into a clearing where an old log cabin coughed up colorful smoke from recipes of magic. She then opened the door and made her way into the building. Micha quickly made a dash after her as there was no cover now in the open clearing. She then pulled out her pistol and pressed her back against the door to be ready to burst through the door. She took a deep breath in as the adrenaline poured out of her ears. She pushed back with her spine and did a 180 degree turn to face the woman; her gun pointed straight out. The woman then turned around in shock.

"Alright witch! What are you doing here? Coming for Aldrin again are we?!" The witch's face turned to confusion as she was wondering what she meant.

"I don't know what your talking about ma'am." The witch muttered as she backed up slowly from the end of Micha's gun.

"Don't play that card!" Micha said now yelling "You came and attacked us a few days ago and threatened to kill Aldrin!"

"Wait... Attacked? No I would never attack anyone. I've never even seen you." The witch said still eyeing the gun in Micha's hand. 

"THEN WHO THE HELL ATTACKED US IF YOU DIDN'T?!" Micha yelled as her voice shook the wood in the house.

"Oh! You must have me mixed up with my sister. Evil. Pure evil. It's a mystery that we are even from the same birth mother." The witch replied calmly.

"Wait, you're her sister? So if she's evil, then are you like supposed to be the better side to her?"

"Exactly! Predictable, I know. Thing is I would never hurt anyone unless they meant real harm to the innocent." The witch said with a small smile on her face. "If you would please put that gun down and relax. You could stay for a while if you wish."

Micha slowly put her gun down to hips so to put it back in's home. When the gun was all the way down and in Micha's belt, the witch offered her a seat.

"So. You were saying my sister attacked you? How come?" the witch asked as she sat next to Micha in a next door seat.

"Yeah. She found us on some island we were planning to live on and was trying to hunt down Aldrin. My friend. He's a Skylord and apparently that matters to your sister." the woman jumped to her feet in surprise.

"Is he alive?!" Micha then nodded sharply. "No wonder she's on the prowl for him! She hated the Skylords. Said they were too good for their own.... good. And we all know about Mount. Kangia was decimated by the dragon she summoned and the demons she brought forth. But I am afraid there is worse news to come..." Micha leaned forward to get a closer listen. "I have spies that observe her every move and report it back to me." The witch said as she looked out the window into the snow.

"Ok so what is it? What's the 'worse news'?" Micha said a little annoyed.

The witch went into extraordinary detail about her sisters plans to open a portal from hell and let lose a army of demons into Pangaea. Micha looked at the witch, horrified the whole time she was talking.

"Oh my God! Well it seems simple anyway. We close the portal and/or kill her. And you must know a way of closing the portal." chattered Micha as she stood up in excitement. But the witch still stood there and looking her window.

"Killing my sister is out of the option. She is the unholy offspring of lightning and death it's self. I say good luck and may your funeral be full of wonders. On one hand though, the portal can be closed. On the other hand, only angels from the clouds can do that. But the odds of angels coming down to aid us is next to none. That hasn't happened for centuries. But..." The witch stopped to think.

"But what?" Micha pressed.

"I could make you half angel and you would be able to close the gateway. But secrecy of this must be your priority. If people find out you're half angel, there will be queue outside my house for sure."

"Right okay. Well what would you have to do to make me half angel?" Micha asked 

"Just a few spells. Nothing that would hurt." The witch replied as she pulled out her staff from it's rack.

"Okay. As log as I'm in no danger." Micha then rose up from her chair and the witch pointed at the wooden floor to where she wished Micha to stand. She then raised her two arms and spoke a strange language that Micha had never heard before. Micha could then hear voices of song in her head. The witch's voices grew louder and deeper as she concentrated on her spell. Micha could feel a lifting feeling in her body but she did leave contact with the ground. The witch's voice then died down and the lifting feeling and voices started to fade.

"There you are. Now you must go. My words may of attracted my sister and she cannot find out who I did this spell on. Do not threat if you need my help. I have a link with you now so we can speak to one another mind to mind. Now go!" Micha then nodded and darted for the door. She then turned around as she got the door to think of a way of thanking her. The witch just smiled back at her and gestured to her to keep going. Micha then closed the door behind her and ran into the snowy ice.

When she got back to the cave, she had four rabbits in her hands and held them out they dangled from her grip. The others looked up at her with delight.

"Ah there you are Micha! I see you've honed your skills with that bow eh?"

"Sure have! Come on, let's get cooking these bad boys. I'm hungry." She said as she bent down to skin the carcasses. Then Jess noticed something very very strange. For the years Jess had known Micha, she knew her eyes were a hazel color. Not green. Green?


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