Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


11. The Witch and The Skylord

The witch spoke in a voice that was beautiful and metallic. 

"I'm looking for a Skylord. Are one you young people that said Skylord?" Micha, Jess and Elab glanced their eyes at Aldrin.

"I am..."

"Well congratulations. You managed to escape my wrath! For a limited time of course." Aldrin tightened the grip on his sword.

"Who are you? And how did you find me?" The witch cackled to herself quietly.

"It doesn't matter who I am. What matters is my plan. To simply wipe out your culture and grind it into the dirt. I'm finishing what I started by ripping you to pieces Skylord!" As she finished her words, the two black skeletons grew flesh and skin slowly; summoning huge thick swords that seemed to drip molten metal without actually melting. The others did too with Micha pulling out her trusty pistol and sword, Elab drawing his blade and Jess raising her fists near her shoulders. Aldrin did his part by speaking one sentence to the woman.

"Come at me Witch..."  With that, the two demonic body guards charged but not in sync this time. Elab charged at the one on the left; clashing with it's sword as fire sparked from the impact. Jess dug for her courage and charged at the one on the right. She flipped over it as the bull hurtled towards her and she started to furiously punch and kick it's weak points (like the back of the shoulder and knee). Micha started to help her as the limp creature had a sword driven into it's gut and it's wings literally ripped off from the joints on it's back. Meanwhile, Elab brought down his sword and taking the demon's sword with it. The bulky sword was now stuck under Elab's as he headbutted it's thick skull. The demon flinched backwards; letting go of it's sword. Elab slashed his blade through it's neck and the head rolled along the beach. The bodies of the demons evaporated into smoke; once again in sync.

While all of that was going on, the Witch and the Skylord never left each others' eye contact. She held out her hand to the side and a large staff with a short glowing sword at the end of it appeared in dark light. She lanced it forward as black fire came forth from it's tip surged onto Aldrin. Aldrin put his sword, edge first, infront of him and the focused beam of flame was sliced down the center; going past Aldrin on both sides. The flames roared as it's black heat caused a harsh gale and vibrated the ground. The two stood there in a stale mate as neither side backed down from their stances.

"Aldrin!" came a voice from Aldrin's right. Micha held up her gun to the witch and aimed right at the head. She fired but the bullet seemed to disintegrate as it got close to the focused woman. She fired three more times but the bullets all did the same thing. Aldrin the tried to shout over the thunder of the stand off.

"Guys! You need to go! You are of no help to me here!"

"We're not going anywhere! We can help you!" Aldrin did not move apart from his neck as he looked at Micha from the mask of fire. He snarled and said

"I wasn't asking!" the same rainbow colored ball appeared in his left hand and he slapped the ground with the sphere. 

"NO!" Micha screamed as Jess, Micha and Elab all vanished. The flames now stopped. Aldrin's sword glowed a bright orange where the heat hit the blade of the sword. The witch spoke in her metallic voice again.

"It's such a shame you didn't let them help you. I could of threatened to kill them to get you to give in." Aldrin charged at her in rage as his sword howled with it's mechanics as it swung downwards. She held out her staff horizontally and she stopped the sword's trajectory. The staff then went side ways and Aldrin's blade lost it's footing on the staff's platform. The witch now gave a burst of speed as the staff's blade cut Aldrin's already weaken sword straight in half. The top part fell to the floor in shame as it's dead mechanisms still whined in pain. Aldrin was left with just the handle in his palm and dropped it in sorrow.

"Your defenseless Skylord. Just give in and I'll make this all go away." But then Aldrin hunched over as his body started to change shape. The witch watched in bewilderment to see what he was turning into. She then looked in horror as Aldrin fully changed. The creature that was Aldrin leaped on the witch and stuck her down to the ground. It's head moved towards her face slowly as it snarled it's giant, gleaming teeth. It's breath was as hot as the sun's rays and stank of fouled meat. It roared in her face in aggression but she then also cast a rainbow ball in her hand. The creature then disappeared and she rose back up alone.


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