Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


10. The Three Shadows

As the boys got back, Jess was starting to twitch as she lay in wait to wake up. Micha was still practically dead in her bed skin. Elab started walking towards them to wake them up when Aldrin pulled him back by his shoulder.

"Don't wake them up, they've gone through a lot in the last two days. Go grab some wood. We'll be needing it if we're going to stay here for the rest of our days." Elab nodded and walked through the shrubbery to find some wood. He reached a clearing where the sun finally found a way to reach out it's arm to the sorry ground. Elab targeted a tree of his liking and pulled out his axe. He swung his axe into the helpless tree as he hacked at it's base. The tree flinched every time Elab lifted his axe. A voice appeared from behind him and hit his ears. He turned and saw three creepy shadows moving through the trees. His face dropped.

"Why can't we get a break for at least one single day?!" He whispered angrily as he darted back to the camp. The tree huffed a sigh of relief. Elab ran and ran as he burst through the tree line next to the camp. Aldrin rose from his crouched position from teaching Jess how to make a fire. Micha still lay there lifeless.

! Aldrin! I saw three people in the forest!" Aldrin said nothing and grabbed his sword next to his bed skin and wiped off the clingy sand that stuck to it.

"Show me..." Elab did not argue as he bolted back to the clearing.
When the boys got to the clearing, all was silent as Elab and Aldrin looked around back to back. The wind whispered to them both in a foreign language. It breathed in their ears as it warned them to run and flee as quickly as they could. They held firm and did not listen to the wise winds. All of a sudden, thunderous and horizontal lightning struck down Elab as the volts wizzed through his body. The bolts hit his face, his chest and his limbs as Elab fell to his knees in a numb state. Aldrin turned and saw a woman dressed in blue casting the electricity from her palm and finger tips. Her eyes shone a misty blue as bolts poured out like tears.


Aldrin reacted as quick as the lightning and conjured a shadowy purple sphere in his hand and blasted it at the woman. She hurled back as not even the trees stopped her at which the force she flew. Each tree only slowed her down as they split where she hit them. He turned down to Elab who's body gave off sparks and smoke from the thunder. Aldrin picked him up and screamed down his brain.

"Elab! We need to move, now! Go, go, go!" Elab went into automatic and ran back
as the feeling of the electricity dissipated in his muscles. He got to the camp gasping for air out on the sand. Jess walked up to Elab; observing his smouldering rags. 

"Elab... What's going on?! Are you okay?" Elab pushed past her and shook Micha wildly. Micha awoke with a demonic expression on her face as she pointed her gun at Elab. 

"Do not... wake me up. Got it?" Elab nodded nervously. As he did, Aldrin exploded through the tops of the trees, back first as he was pushed high into the air right over their heads. He landed in the water behind them with an almighty splash. The woman followed him as she gracefully but sinisterly floated towards the camp sight. She landed on the sand slowly infront of the group and now Micha shot up. Two other creatures also burst through the tops of the trees behind her but they jumped through the trees instead of floating and landed next to her; synchronized and made small craters as they landed. The creatures looked like minotaur skeletons but with wings. Their bones were a pitch coal black and the webbing on their wings was full of cracks and holes. They watched the group; breathing in sync and were of equal distance from the woman's sides.

The three of them made ready to prepare for a fight. Jess held firm as she raised her fists for her first proper combat scenario. Aldrin also joined them as he leaped out of the water, high in the sky and landed in the sand feet first. A plume of sand misted over him when he landed. The two tiny armies now glared at each other as the morning sun wanted to go back down for the scene that was about to unfold.


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