Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


5. The Last Skylord

From birth, Aldrin's life was never normal. As a child, he was abandoned in the woods for he had a so called curse from his parents. This 'curse' lingered in his head through out his life and he never forgot how his parents left their only child because of it. His mother and father left him in the snowy woods for him to find a new family or perish. The thought tortured Aldrin for the rest of his years for he believed his parents did not love him. Yet his parents did love him dearly but they could not bring themselves to raise a child with such a dark side.

But hope was smiling on Aldrin and found a new life for him in the high tops of Mount. Kangia with the Skylords. A man called Sunja found him under a pile of leaves in the shape of a blanket the child had made to keep him from freezing to death. The brute took his bear skin coat off and placed it over Aldrin who was a pail white and blue. Aldrin looked up at his savior in the hope he would not run and flee like his parents once did. The man had a bulky figure, with a beard that was ruffled and hair that flowed in the wind. He had a gigantic sword in a sheath on his back. The sword seemed so heavy that no living being could even wield it! He spoke with a voice that sounded like it came from the core of his deep throat but it was surprisingly calming and gave Aldrin a sense of warmth.

"You poor lad. Com' 'ere. Seems as if yere parents weren't happy with ye." He picked Aldrin in his big bulky arms and carried him through the blistering snow. This man was oblivious to the cold as he strolled through the solid and chilling air. Aldrin fell into a deep sleep as he knew that he was safe. When he awoke, he found himself under that bear skin coat, laying on a sofa made from deer skins. He shot up as his muscles decided to join him in awakening to see what was going on. He was in small hut made from uneven stone and wood but it somehow stayed in one place. The fire crackled as the light from it warmed his icicle covered ears that stuck there like ear rings. The deep voice came from behind him and it surged Aldrin with a feeling of joy.

"Ah! Lad! Yere awake!"

"Where am I? Is mum or dad here?" Aldrin said in a frantic and yet calm way.

"I'm afraid not lad. But yere somewhere better than that. Com' see outside."
Aldrin rose from his slumber and walked to the rotten door. As it creaked and squeaked open, he saw a shining sun that bounced off the still snow. He could see a large fortress of stone that towered over the houses on the horizon. He could see a whole range of people from man to elves to even the occasional lizardman all working and having conversations with one another. A hard hand hit Aldrin's shoulder from behind him.

"Welcome my lad, to Mount. Kangia. Hom' to the Skylords"
Aldrin's face lifted as a smile uncovered it's self.

For the next few years, Aldrin was trained by Sunja in the ways of survival, meditation, fighting and even magic. As Aldrin grew, he became stronger and braver, starting to forget his past of abandonment. In fact, Aldrin became handsome and fair. His brunette hair covered half his forehead as it waved in the wind like a flag. At the age of 12, he had finished his training entirely and was an agile and brave member of the Skylords. As a Skylord, he helped where ever he could, taking on chores from lifting a few logs to killing a pack of rabid dogs in the park garden. Life was tranquil and Aldrin could see a bright future ahead of him. However all of this was about to change...

 One year later, a roar of vibrations shook his and Sunja's hut. Before either of them could react, a purple blast of light came and broke into the hut through gaps in the wall's structure. The sounds of thunderous growls and taunts came from the shadows and neither Sunja or Aldrin spoke a word as they dashed for their weapons. Aldrin's weapon was a sword of mechanical genius from a local dwarf smith. It was a blade that was a chainsaw that could be held in the hand like a sword.


The blade could be switched on and the growl of it's mechanics would echo through the snow.  Sunja, Aldrin and many other Skylords rushed out of there cabins and huts to the source of the lights and sounds to find an eery portal setting free hundreds of foul demons. Demons of many different shapes, sizes and forms. Some were skeletons that of a pitch charcoal black and wielding giant stone claymores. Others were your typical demon with giant smoking wings that combined shadow and flame into one evil form.

The Skylords stood infront of the portal in one aggressive line whilst they watched the creatures pour out of the purple and black swirling gateway out of the abysses they came from. Sunja stood there and muttered to himself in worry.

"I knew the Nether would open one day... but why 'ere?" Aldrin dashed his eyes over up at Sunja who endlessly stared in fury.

"The what?"

"The Nether. A place where hell and this world join in an agreement of evil." Aldrin averted his eyes away from Sunja to look back at the creatures with a sense of fear in his eyes. The only thing that could be heard was the deep breaths of the Skylords, the whispering wind and the foul anger from the demons.
But Sunja was not waiting and watching any longer as he hurled himself at the horde. His cries shook the earth and his stomps vibrated any souls. Aldrin and a few other Skylords followed behind him until the whole line charged at the shadows and roared in their anger. The bellows from the mountain were said to be heard from all the near by provinces in a faded echo. This was the start of the war and The War of the Winds had begun. Aldrin and Sunja stuck together throughout the war, going through the portal to take the fight to the enemy or defending their homeland from the ever growing hordes.

The War of the Winds lasted for 5 whole years and neither side seemed to win nor back down. Until the evil that started this war brought in the heavy weapons. She opened one last portal but not to the nether, but to the end. The end was a dimension where your spirit will linger. No one knew why you would be sent there but it was not a pleasant place for your spirit to rest, that was certain. But in this dimension of nothing, lay a dragon beneath the ground that lay rest till it's master requested it's aid. And that call came. The dragon burst out of the rock and showered the land in pebbles, boulders and rocks. It stared around as it let out an almighty call to say it had awoke. The wings pushed themselves off the ground and lifted the colossal beast towards the gateway to the world. As it flew through the portal, the portal took a form of water as ripples formed in the dark swirling liquid.

Sunja heard the bellows of the dragon from the portal ripping through the sky. He then saw the dragon blast through the dark light. His eyes fell.

"Dragon! DRAGON!" All faces now fell as they turned. Panic arose in a second as arrows helplessly danced round
the pounding wings. Dark clouds started cuddle the mountain in despair and fear with fire frolicking in the sky. The orange blinded and flinched the Skylords and caused a mass rout. Aldrin and Sunja joined the rout in knowing that a dragon was far too powerful for even an army of Skylords. They hid behind a wrecked house and Sunja knelt down to Aldrin's height.

"Aldrin. I need ye to run! Run and get out of here!" Aldrin's face was starting shed tears of ice.

"I can't just leave you!"

"Do not argue with me lad! Go! Run!" Sunja pushed him to get him going like you push a car to get the engine working. Aldrin ran as his feet took over from Sunja's push. He looked back as he saw Sunja go back round the hut to the unseen front. The image got further and further away as Aldrin's legs carried him ever onward. But the dragon flew right over Aldrin as he ran and the heavy beats of the dragon's wings blew Aldrin right off the mountain face as he tumbled and rolled down the snowy rocks.

He re-awoke in the snow at the bottom with a mouth full of ice. He rose to his feet as his sad sword landed right next to him in comfort. He gripped the sword and promised he would not let go. He looked up back to the mountain top only to be covered by dark clouds that flared orange light as the dragon up above still persisted. He could hear the growls and screams even from the ground but he prayed that none of the screams were from Sunja's throat. Suddenly, the flash backs of abandonment winded Aldrin as the snow brought back his dark memories. The torture of his unloved 'curse' came forth once again. He was brought to his knees as the thoughts ran fits and twitches through his body. The creature can never be taken out of you so easily... 



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