Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


23. Stop it Before it Begins

"Come on! We're moving out soon! Move, move, move!" came a loud yell from the courtyard as one of the promoted sergeants hurried the knights. In the dormitory, all five of the group were strapping on armor, sheathing their weapons and collecting any other gear they would need.

"So Aldrin?" said Micha from across the room. Aldrin looked up from strapping on his belt. "Do you actually have a plan? You know, like, a battle tactic?" 

"Ah! What of course! Come, come. I have already informed the soldiers about this plan but I forgot about you lot. Now sit, I shall tell you all." The other four sat in any places they could around Aldrin; the floor, bedside tables and the beds. Their ears pricked. "We're going to stop this war before it starts. We shall meet her demonic army head on with a cavalry charge. This charge shall be lead by Elab, Jess and I since we are the most experienced in close combat." Micha's eyes widened at Aldrin. 

"Excuse me? I'm good with a sword too!" she cried.

"Shh! I haven't finished. Right, so after this charge, a swarm of horses that beat the air will hail a volley of arrows."

"Wait what do you mean 'beat the air'?" Alex interrupted. 

"Ah! You shall see." He muttered with a wink. "But anyway, this swarm will be lead by Alex and Micha since they are the best with bows. Then it's a simple fight until the battle is won... or lost." 

"Sounds good to me." said Elab as he jumped from the window sill.

"Now are we all ready?" They all nodded and got up. "Excellent! Now follow me to the stables. I shall show you the catch with both our cavalry choices." he mentioned as he strolled down the stairs, with the group glumly following behind. Aldrin then turned to look at Jess. He noticed something odd...

"Jess?" he mumbled.

"Yes sweetie?"

"Have you dyed your hair brown by any chance? Because I prefer it brown." He whispered with a small smile on his face. She blushed and replied

"Well I don't want to look like Micha all the time now do I?"

"Hey! I heard that!" Micha cried as they kept walking down the stairs. They all giggled.

They walked out of the gates from the barracks to a large stable yard filled with lions and horses. Jess looked in at the lions in confusion. 

"What the hell? Lions?!"

"Yes my dear. Lions. Those are our battalions steeds. But us three will have tigers instead to mark us out as leaders but the regulars get lions. Aren't they magnificent beasts?!" Jess and Elab's face lit up nodded back as Micha's and Alex's fell.

"Oh great! So you get to bounce around on lions and me and Alex get boring horses." Aldrin smiled back at her in response.

"Nope. In fact, here comes your steed for the battle now Micha. His name is Kessal." The other four then looked up to hear loud thumps from the wind as a majestic winged stallion loomed over them. 

Micha's face lifted with glee. "I get to ride him?!" she squealed as the horse landed infront of them all, gracefully and bowed his head at Micha.

"You do indeed. All of the archers have winged horses. Firing arrows from above is much more effective. However, the horses cannot wear armor due to the weight. So one hit and they will be knocked out of the clouds. But they are agile. Not an easy target to single out." Micha stepped forward to stroke his main and the stallion let down his head to allow for the petting. "Now we must be going." He turned and shouted to the soldiers. "Everyone, grab your steeds! We're moving out!" Aldrin bellowed as the soldiers cheered and roared in celebration. Aldrin, Jess, Elab, Micha, Alex and all of the knights hopped onto their assigned creatures of victory. Proud like eagles, the entire army marched out of the city gates with their heads held high and their pride sprinting through their veins.


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