Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


15. Right. I'll Explain...

The four of them sat down round the forge for warmth as Aldrin was going to explain the whole situation of werewolves.

"Right. I'll explain. Basically I am a werewolf but I am a Halo Werewolf. We have a gift in that we can change when we want to and control what we do as a wolf. In both forms, I am stronger, can run faster, am more agile and I can even talk to animals. But the reason why everyone fears werewolves, of all kinds, is due to Moon Werewolves." The other three were still intently listening and would not remove their ears away. "Moon Werewolves are the ones we've all heard of. They change at night without any will and cannot control what they do. Their darker wolf side kills everything it sees and will not stop for anything. He'd kill his own lover and would not even know it."

"Wait so how come we've heard of these Moon Werewolves but not the type of one you are?" interrupted Micha.

"Because folks see any werewolf as a killing machine. Hence why I was abandoned as a child. When I was asleep one night, instead of crying like a human being, I whined and squeaked like a puppy. My parents ran in my room thinking there was a dog in the house until they looked in my cot. I was a wolf puppy winging and squealing. As a child, Halo Werewolves have no control when they change since their brains aren't fully developed." Jess then moved closer to Aldrin to comfort him for his story of abandonment. Elab then thought about it deeper.

"So how come you can control when you change and those other werewolves can't?"

"Good question! Well as a werewolf, there are two sides to your brain. Your human side and your wolf side. A Halo Werewolf's brain is linked together and their is a path way for the soul to move from one side to the other. But Moon Werewolves' brains are not linked. Every night, the wolf side of the brain is woken up and drags the soul out of the human side of the brain." Micha was now getting confused. "It's very painful for the human of a Moon Werewolf as his soul is forced into the darker side and this is why the transformation is long for him and short and painless for me." Micha then whispered to herself in her head to try and make sense of all this. Resiting over and over again until she had a brain wave. Her eyes brightened at what she had figured out.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait! I heard that werewolves can only be killed by silver bullets. Is that why when ever I shot you, the wound just healed?" Aldrin smiled and nodded back to her.

"Oh! That reminds me Micha. I have one last gift for you all." He once again reached into his crate as he pulled out three small sheaths made from a rich brown colored leather. He then tossed one each to the group and each one of them pulled out the blade that lay underneath. Elab looked in wonder as he pulled it out.

"It's a dagger..."

"Not just a dagger. A silver dagger. If you come into contact with a Moon Werewolf, use these. The only thing that can kill werewolves of any kind is something silver or other werewolves." said Aldrin as he sat back down next to Jess. Jess then tapped Aldrin on the shoulder as he knelt down to sit.

"But how can we tell if it's a Moon Werewolf or you?"

"By the fur and eyes. I have white fur and yellow eyes. A Moon Werewolf has pitch black fur with lurid red eyes."

"Okay. Well I like a boyfriend who's a werewolf. It means I can cuddle him with his soft fluff." She said as she hugged Aldrin round his shoulders. Micha then lifted an eyebrow.

"Wait what? You two are together now?!" Jess then nodded her head in joy. Micha's face then lit up as she squealed in excitement and hugged Jess tightly. Aldrin moved away from the two of them to go talk to Elab. Elab then noticed him and averted his eyes away.

"I can tell by your avoidance of me that it didn't go well for you up top?" Elab said nothing as he shook his head slowly. Aldrin could do nothing more than to pat him on the back in reassurance. He then went back to Jess' side and left Elab to ponder on his issue. All of them easily as tranquility filled their minds.





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