Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


29. Reunion

The survivors paraded through the gates of Zunlaya in sadness as the passed through the crowd of people waiting and hoping for them. Women and children started to mope as they saw their loved ones not return. The ones who did, clenched onto them for dear life; crying in tears of joy. They kept moving through the crowd to the main square, where they were awaited by the general. He looked at them and waited for their report.

"What news? But so few. So few have returned!" Aldrin then bounded off of his tiger and strolled up to the general.

"We are victorious. But we have lost too many. We have brought back any of the dead we could find for a proper funeral for them all." The general nodded back and looked over Aldrin's shoulder to see the dead. They were piled onto a cart of wood; he turned around and ordered his men to help move off the bodies.

Two days had moved on and the day of the funeral was about to begin. The four in their dormitory dressed up in black suits and dresses to give their respects. But it was also a special time for them too, for they were to be crowned the champions of Zunlaya.

"Right. Are we all ready?" Aldrin said as he looked up from doing his tie. The rest looked at him and nodded faintly. The tears started to fall through Micha's black veil as she plodded down the stairs. Jess soon followed after them, but she turned to wait for Aldrin.

"Sweetie? You coming?"

"Um, yes. Just give me two seconds and I'll be down with you." Jess nodded back and shut the door behind her quietly. Aldrin then reached under his bed and grabbed a sheathed sword, lashing it over his back.

The general had requested a patch of land from a farmer to be used as the memorial area for the soldiers. There was a scatter of gravestones along the stretch of grass, each one looking exactly the same of small eagles of stone perched on swords. But there was one large gravestone that stood out above the rest. One for a true and lost hero. And so, the whole city was descending onto the area and waited for the champions, general and the kings to appear. Micha was standing and talking to those who came when she was startled by a familiar face.

"Clair!" she yelled as she barged through the crowd to reach her. Her maid then turned and breathed a joyous sigh of hope.

"My lady!" she called back as she spread out her arms to hug Micha. They collided in happiness and started laughing in bliss into each others' shoulders. "Oh it's good to see you!"

"You too! I did promise I would come back for now didn't I?" Micha squealed as she stepped away from the hug. Clair chuckled in reply. They then both turned round to a low and unwanted voice.

"Michaela!" Micha recognized it and her face fell. It was her father, Markus. The king of Deligiant.

"Hello father..." she murmured with suttle nervousness.

"You have some explaining to do..." he said. Micha sighed a heavy sigh and looked her father in the eyes to tell him straight. He then interrupted her before she spoke. "How you became a brave warrior like your father once was!" she smiled back at him and wrapped her arms round his thick neck. He chuckled and hugged her back with his bear like paws. "So? Where's that man I saw who made you disappear infront of me on the beach? Did you stick a sword into his chest for stealing you?!" 

"No dad... He's right over there... I'll go get him for you." Micha then ran over to Aldrin, leaving her father stumped.

"Aldrin! Come meet my father! He still thinks you kidnapped me." She chattered as she grabbed his arm, pulled him away from his conversations and dragged him. She then halted infront of a bear like figure to Aldrin as Markus looked down upon him.

"Good evening your majesty." He exclaimed as he bowed his head.

"Good evening. So you didn't snatch my daughter away then?"

"No no! She wanted to escape so I aided her..." Markus then giggled and looked at the two of them, darting from one face to the other.

"So are two in a relationship then?" he muttered with one eye brow raised. Micha and Aldrin then whipped there heads at each other in shock. They shook their heads wildly as they spoke over each other.

"No no no!"


"No no! No..." Micha finished it off to make sure her father got the message. "In fact, he's in a relationship with Jess. Remember her? Jessica Foxglove?" Aldrin then smiled at the king to see if it would ease him.

"Oh! I see. So have you not found someone yet Micha. If not, we can arrange a marriage. I want grand children you know." Micha's eyes widened and Aldrin tried to keep in his laughter. She kicked him to get him to shut up.

"Dad... I'm with someone already! His name is Alex."

"Right. Well the ceremony is about to start. Better get to your places you two." he chuckled with a slight snigger on his face.


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