Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


12. Restart

Aldrin, still in his opposite form, was spat out by a portal into a rocky desert. He came out with such force that his body scraped along the dusty rocks. He quickly changed in the hope no one saw him. He stood up to see bleak nothingness. Flat as a pancake with a dull grey and only a few large boulders sitting docilely. He then heard a familiar voice from behind him. 

"Aldrin!" shouted Elab. He turned around to see two happy faces and a glum and dull looking Jess following along behind. Micha's face was now an eager puppy as he eyes lightened up.

"Aldrin. Come with us. Look what we found!" squealed Micha as she ran in excitement. Aldrin then followed along behind. Micha was jumping and bouncing next to one of the boulders that slept on the landscape. Aldrin looked behind the boulder where Micha was pointing and saw a deep cave. The cave's gape did not reveal much as it was dark and dreary. Aldrin's face showed satisfaction with his bottom lip overlapping his top one.

"We can live down there! No one will see us at all!" Micha said, still squealing. Aldrin strolled down the cave and summoned a small jewel of light by his side. He gestured to the other three to go down as the bright white light lit up the enormous cave. The others hurried down and clung to Aldrin's atmosphere. As they went deeper and deeper, they found a small opening at the end of the tunnel. As they went through it, the cave suddenly opened up to a colossal clearing. The stalactites hung down from the ceiling like teeth in the mouth of a lion. The light now took it's own route as it hovered round the gigantic cave. At the base was a lake full of clean water that reflected off the lights rays. The light went round the walls and revealed precious gem stones, ores of metals and minerals. All four of them stood there speechless and frozen.


"Perfect..." Aldrin whispered with a sense of satisfaction. They dashed into the mighty open space and started to explore. Aldrin strolled still for the white light illuminated the entire cave system. 

"Alright you lot. Let's make some pickaxes and mining tools out of these rocks on the floor. Then we can mine up some metals for equipment."  All of them dashed for rocks and started crafting pickaxes of stone and pits of rope.

After days and nights, they managed to make themselves at home. They picked out a small spot by the lake that was close to the wall of the cave. They set up ovens, work benches, a forge and smith and a couple of bed scaffolds made of rock for comfy cushions to be placed on. The furnaces and ovens were smelting hot iron; fueled by the coal they found on the walls. The light from the furnaces and smelter lit up half the cave and illuminated heat for them in the cold dark.

"Now I feel at home for once on this trip. And I can finally sleep without worrying about getting chopped up." sighed Micha as she collapsed on her bed of rock. She quickly and surprisingly fell asleep on her rather uncomfortable mattress of stone.

"I'm going up top. See if we can get any stuffing for cushions. Micha looks like her back's gunna break when she wakes up." said Elab as he skipped; along dodging the puddles of water and rocks and disappeared up a tunnel on the other side the cave they came from. Jess then stood up from her slumber on her rock bed too. She walked off and averted her eyes away from Aldrin who was sat near the forge. Aldrin looked over his shoulder to see Jess walking away into the dark at a rather rapid pace.

"Where are you off to?"

"F-for a walk." She then quickened her pace even more and disappeared into the shadows. She then surfaced from the black as she lit a torch in her hand. Aldrin shook his head and turned back to the fires. He then set to work on some gifts for the other three. Presents of hardened steel and skin.

Elab was the first to return after a few hours. Aldrin turned his shoulder and greeted Elab with a small wave and head bow.

"Any luck my friend?" said Aldrin as his voice echoed through the cave.

"Hell yeah! Wool, feathers and bits of soft grass. This will keep us comfy for sure. Yet winter's come down up there so it's a bit nippy with the snow."
chattered Elab as he tipped all of his spoils out of his ruck sack and started rummaging through them and sorting them into separate piles. Aldrin chuckled as he watched Elab going through the bundle of mess in excitement.

"Go through that later Elab. I have some gits for you all." Elab's eyes sprung up from his chaos of comfort. Then Jess came from out of the dark and her ears were also pricked up by the word 'gifts'. Micha, as usual, was still knocked out on her bed.

"Too bad Micha is asleep. But I will give you two your gifts first." Aldrin opened a crate behind the forge and pulled out a giant and odd looking sword and handed it over to Elab's grasp. The sword was large but not heavy as Elab swung it around in one hand.


"That sword has been crafted from white diamond and iron. Melt down both of them and mold them into one, you get a sturdy but light material. That sword is sharp... Very sharp. Slash at that rock over there." Elab looked at Aldrin in disbelief. He lifted the sword; expecting for the sword to maybe dent the rock. He brought the sword down and cut the rock right through the center in a nice clean cut. One half of the boulder tipped over and Elab couldn't believe his eyes. Aldrin left Elab to his troubles and turned to Jess. Jess discretely blushed. 

"And for you. I have given both you and Micha sets of armor for you have none. I Still can't believe you left without taking armor. Silly..." Jess giggled silently. Aldrin walked over to a mannequin which had a green piece of leather armor fixed to it. 

"But anyway, this set of armor will let you blend in with the greenery in woods or fields, will protect you against a blow from fist or sword and the gloves are enchanted to make you stronger and feel less tired in combat. Wearing those gloves will make you stronger than a tiger in the snow. But the abilities will only take affect when you are in combat."


She then walked over to the mannequin and put the armor on. It was slightly too big for her. But slowly, it started to match her size in a plume of lurid blue swirls. As they fitted round her arms and chest, she suddenly felt a surge of strength through her blood from the magic arm braces; running through her veins in a flawless sprint. She then hurled herself at Aldrin and hugged him round the neck. Aldrin smiled and hugged her back gently. He then stood up and marched over to Micha.

"Oi! Lazy bones!" shouted Aldrin; his voice darting round the cave in echoes. Micha woke up with a demonic look in her pupils.

"I told you..." she said with her bed hair covering most of her face. She was then interrupted by Aldrin's voice.

"Look. I got you a gift. A big one too." Micha's eyes then suddenly changed as Aldrin pointed at suit of light armor on a different mannequin. Minutes later, Micha had put on the armor and observed it and how it felt round her body.

"I love it! It's so light and most importantly, I look awesome!" Aldrin then prepared for another girlish hug as Micha bounded up to him and hugged him round the neck. Just like Jess. Aldrin then stepped back and bowed to them in a shallow angle.

"It's my pleasure. I'm glad you like your presents. Oh! One more thing for you each." He took out four identical bows from the crate. They were covered in patterns and were made of an eery and black wood. He tossed one each to the three of them. Micha and Jess caught them and looked at the bows in ignorance.

"Aldrin. Me and Jess don't know how to use a bow. Like, at all!" Elab took his opportunity.

"Don't worry Micha, I can teach you. I can teach you how to hunt with it too." Aldrin winked at Elab and Elab sniggered back at him.

"Thanks Elab. But what about Jess?"

"You can teach her after Elab has taught you. You said you wanted to teach Jess something so here is your chance. Now why don't you two go back up top and get us some food. See how good you are with a bow Micha." 

"Good idea. Come on Elab. I'm pumped now. I can also test out this epic armor." Elab followed after her as he was also pumped but for a different reason that only he and Aldrin knew. They dashed up the tunnel to the surface land. Elab ran to the near by forest which was drenched in snow and ice. Micha's armor now showed another of it's affects. Being from Zunlaya, Micha was not used to the cold and would freeze in the first sight of snow. But she was warm and comfortable. Her armor encased her body and was enchanted with a warming affect on her skin.




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