Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


20. Requests

Morning. Aldrin was back in his human form again and was packing away his items. He turned around to see three cocoons of bear skins with their eyes shut. He smirked with pleasure as he brewed up an idea to wake them up. His head changed into a wolf's and he howled an almighty roar. The howl rang over the forest and was clear and pure. The four of them shot up in panic to the sound and blasted out of their beds.

"Ah! You're all up. Good now we can get moving again." Aldrin exclaimed as he he threw their prepacked belongings at them one at a time. Micha caught it and gave Aldrin a gift of hatred with her eyes.

"I despise you!" she rumbled as she unwrapped herself and got up from Alex's lap. Aldrin smiled back and started to walk through the woods ahead of the others. The rest of them then followed slowly and glumly. Jess ran along side to Aldrin, clipping her belt on whilst she did.

"Sweetie. Can you tell me what we're actually doing?" she whispered.

"We are walking a long way. To a place you are very very familiar with."

Weeks past. One month had passed. And they came to a large hill that circled a patch of land in a gigantic ring. Aldrin halted as they got half way up the hill and turned to the rest of the group.

"Over the brow of this hill is what we have been walking all this time for. What ever happens, follow my lead and trust me. I want no complaints.". The group looked at one another in worry. What did he mean by 'no complaints'? They walked onwards up the hill to reach the brow. Micha and Jess then started to shake as a sight started to grow over the rim of the hill. The province of Zunlaya. Micha backed up slightly and shook her head frantically.

"I'm not going back! No! No way!" Aldrin thrashed his head round and raised an eyebrow at her.

"What did I just say. Trust me and no complaints. Just put your hood and mask on; they wont recognize you. You too Jess." The girls slowly turned to each other and put their hood and mask on in sync with each other. They kept walking down the hill as the colossal city daunted over them more and more. The ring around the area protected the city the whole way round like mother natures barrier for man. Once they plunged through the steel toothed gates, they walked through the streets with bustling markets and houses filled with squabbling herds of people. They bumped into masses of people that just embraced them as kept walking. Aldrin turned his head slightly to Micha and whispered in her ear.

"Where's the main barracks of the city?". She pointed over bobbing heads to an impressive building of military defense. The walls were made of soild concrete as a tower stood up from the left of the building. They barged through the swarm of people and strolled to the behemoth.  As they got closer, it became clear that there was a hollow court yard for training placed right in the middle of the structure. Getting ever closer to the barracks, the crowds thinned out and they walked over to the gate. Two men stood on either side of the gate that was several meters high and reinforced with hardened wood. Strolling ever closer, the two men summoned very strange and huge swords that seemed to be jagged at one end. These men were larger than most others and wore armor that completely shaded them in mystery. Their capes wafted in the breeze as they stood there dormant. Like proud flags of a powerful country.

"Don't take another step! Why are you here?" one them bellowed.

"We are here to see the General incharge. We have a dire request for him." Aldrin bellowed back as he marched closer; stout like a lion. The two men then looked at one another and turned back quickly. 
"Come with us." they said as the gates groaned open.

The two giants marched along either side of the group down a huge hall way. Aldrin turned his head and saw men as tough as nails doing assault drills, combat training and target practice in the court yard of stoney grass. Cheers, gun shots and sword fights were a racket in the marble corridor as the two soldiers kept the five of them marching. Micha and Jess kept their heads down in the hope no one would see them at all. There was a magnificent red and gold door at the very end of the corridor, getting larger as they got closer. Once they were at the door, the soldiers opened the door and offered them in. As they entered the room, a man hung over a table with bright glistening armor. He was fair, with short and light brown hair. He had a small beard with strong jaws. It was a small bricked room in the shape of a square box. Not very tall. Not very wide. He raised his head from his troubling book and looked at the next troubling sight.

"What's a young group of you doing in here..." Aldrin stepped forward to take charge.

"Sir, a large force of pure chaos is heading for this land. Even as we speak now, a witch is preparing to open a rip in space to link our world and hell together." The General didn't look cooperatively at Aldrin as he spoke with a dreary groan.

"Why should I believe you? If your requesting that we try and stop these 'demons from hell', you have something lodged in your brain. Now be gone." Aldrin's faced dropped to anger, he slammed a dagger inbetween the general's hands and the room shook like an earthquake.

"You must help! Zunlaya has the most powerful military force in the whole of Pangaea. Lend us a force of your finest men and we may be able to hold back this malice!" The general retaliated with a sword to Aldrin's neck.

"I am not following your petty excuses. Get...out." Micha had enough and grabbed the general's sword, away from Aldrin. She then tore off her mask and hood right infront of the general's eyes. She wafted her as she took the hood off to make sure her appearance was clear.

"Then maybe you will listen to me! Princess of Zunlaya and daughter of Markus the third." The general rose with his eyes widened. A silence fell on everyone's shoulders as the general's mind worked away it's mechanics.

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