Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


1. Prologue


Aldrin, Elab, Jess, and Micha are people who thought they would never meet one another. They were too different in a huge number of ways. They had nothing in common and nothing to relate to each other apart from the small fact they all lived in Pangaea, a land divided and torn into six, now five Kingdoms: Zunlaya, Deligiant, Kalfrinia, Galinor,Tician and Sky. Sky now being an obliterated landscape of nothingness. Dead man's land if you like.

Aldrin came from the Sky Province, which where destroyed in the War of the Winds. The War of the Winds was a brutal war, none of which the world had ever witnessed. Before the war, the Skylords lived in harmony and tranquility and were masters of the clouds. They had people of all different races be it man, elf, werewolf or dwarf, if they were willing to give their all to the Skylords, they were accepted. The Skylords were great craftsman, warriors and hunters, specializing in every field they could and making the most of their success. Some even said they came from haven to watch over the frail people of Pangaea. This is still unknown to Pangaeains for which only the likes of the Skylords knew. Yet when good dwells, evil rises. A witch from the north brought the dead to life and opened the portal to the nether in an attempt to prove that the Skylords were not of haven blood. She intended to spill that blood. All hell was unleashed on the stout but fragile Skylords as bow and golden swords rattled the night sky. The war lasted for years as a seesaw from Skylords to demons rocked and teetered. But the witch waited for her moment and released her secret weapon onto the Skylords when they were most weak. She broke loos the Dragon from the End. The dragon tore apart the last fortification the Skylords had on Mount. Kangia as child and man fled from their flaming dens. The dragon showed no mercy, slaughtering all in it's wake till they were pulverized out of existence. The dragon had taken the crown of the clouds from the Skylords in a fraction of a second! Before long the Skylords were demolished and wiped out from the earth in a shower of red rain and fire. The once said angels were crushed into pieces. But there was one who lived to tell a blurry tale. The last Skylord... was Aldrin.

Jess and Micha came from the Zunlaya Province, where the royal families of all the Provinces in Pangaea lived. Zunlaya was a bustling and thriving community with the rich and powerful swimming in wealth. Zunlaya was also split into provinces so as to split the royal families apart and breaking out war. To stop a potential war, colossal walls were built that towered over all beings in Zunlaya. Each province in Zunlaya didn't really stay in contact with one another apart from the allies.The only reason Jess and Micha where best friend's was because the province of Deligiant, and Kalfrinia where allies since the dark days of time. Ever since the province of Kalfrinia was in crisis, Deligiant was the only one to reach out it's hand and help Kalfrinia back to it's feet. So the two royal families were greatly in each others' debt for years onward. Meaning that the walls that broke the two apart had gates to which the people could come in and out. However, Micha and Jess were both radiant princesses of each province. Micha was the princess of Deligiant, the most powerful and strong of all the provinces. Jess was the princess of the less important Kalfrinia but was still as fair as all the other ladies of the other provinces. But both girls had different ideas about being queen...

Lastly, Elab was a drifter. An explorer of the lands and never sitting in one place. Drifters were looked down upon in all the provinces and were always hunted down and blamed for the smallest of things. Yet most of the time, they were innocent, living life away from populations and cities. Elab had been blamed for all sorts! A disease that fell on a small village. The stealing of a farmer's yews. None of which he had anything to do with. Multiple bounties had been put on him but he always slipped away into the shadows and living to roam the grass another day. He was skilled in the art of survival and fighting with a sheer will to survive is what kept him breathing. But even a drifter like him has to give up sometimes...




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