Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


27. Melted Hearts

Back on the battlefield, the fighting still intensified and Aldrin was still locked in combat with demon prince. Neither Aldrin or the prince would back down and neither of them could land a fatal hit on each other. They were equally as strong as the other. Magic didn't help, brute force did not help and nor did evasive tactics. For the first time, Aldrin had met his match. Yet, he was so immersed in the conflict, that he did not notice Elab's falling and nor did he see Jess creeping up behind the prince. The prince was about to strike his sword at Aldrin once again but Jess grabbed his arm, elbowed him in the head and disarmed the brute of his weapon. The prince was now vulnerable as a pheasant in a hunters sights and Jess used the beloved sword against him. With her enchanted gloves, she was able to use the sword effectively and swung the edge of the blade into his chest; making him bend over and condense. Aldrin now saw his chance that was open to him and he rammed both of his swords into the ghastly helmet the prince wore. The prince lay still for a short moment, so Aldrin retracted the swords in a jolt and the prince dropped to the ground and flat on his face. The two looked at each other, breathless and sweating. Aldrin changed just his head back to human so the two could kiss in joy. They stopped when they realized that Elab, Micha and Alex were no where to be seen.

Micha and Alex were still mourning over the loss and Alex picked up Elab's body slowly to take back. The carcass dripped helpless blood as Alex strolled back over the mound, with Micha following behind. Aldrin could see the silhouette of the three (or two) of them and sheathed his swords in a hurry to dash over to them.

"No, no, no!" he cried as he strided up the hill. Alex handed him the body to Aldrin, with Aldrin collapsing to his knees in grief. That's when Jess hugged Aldrin from behind to comfort him, swaying him slightly from side to side. But quickly, Aldrin's misery mutated into an outrage. He gently placed Elab's body onto the ground, stood up, turned to were the battle was and cried out in a scream that rocked the very air and earth. A colossal shock wave blasted through the grass and everyone crouched over to press their ears. Fire and heat seemed to gape from Aldrin's mouth and all the demon's seemed to evaporate. Any of the soldiers that were left were sitting in a gust of hot wind that warmed up their armour. Aldrin had conjured a storm of hot winds using only his voice.

His roar then faded out quietly as his anger turned to sender. He breathed deeply and rapidly, his arms quivering in rage. The three that were around him stood up, unblocking their ears and gawking at Aldrin. He didn't notice them in his blind anger.

"Aldrin... Next time you do that, warn us before hand PLEASE!" Micha screamed as she rose up from her hunched position. Aldrin ignored her as his fists clenched tighter, making a hot hissing noise. His anger was not gone entirely and to calm him down, Jess wrapped her arms round his neck. His flames started to extinguish with the cool contentment of his partner's touch.

"Shh... It's okay sweetie, it's okay." she muttered as she stroked the back of his head. His tears seeped out of his eyes as the anger transformed back into bleak sorrow. Aldrin's feelings were darting all over his body and Aldrin felt his hot tears dripping down his fur for the first time. Alex then looked over Aldrin's should to see the battleground. Disintegrated demons and weak knights greeted his eyes.

"Well that's one way to win the battle. But the portal is still open..." He murmured as he looked in satisfaction. Micha then lit up. She had to close the portal! She sprung out her wings and took off into the air, her wings reflecting the sun's rays. Everyone looked up in astonishment as they watched her float through the air. She landed infront of the portal and she heard a shallow voice in her head. It was the witch sister.

"Hello dear. I want you to repeat my words alright? That should close the portal." Micha nodded her head in response. She then spoke words she had never heard before but Micha still followed her commands.

"Milla dvest. Regt torig ycon hujar." she whispered. One word after the other, she felt a lifting feeling in her chest and as the words thickened, her eyes turned a bright orange and the words she spoke echoed and became louder.

"Borria ens lilt frestan." Her wings began to stretch outwards and the words got even louder and even more echoed.

"Tutharv ignoar!" The portal was then starting to warp and distort and then vanished into the thick breeze. Micha's wings folded back, her eyes dulled back to normal and she turned around to see everyone watching her.

"Oh hello." she said as she waved her hand slowly.

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