Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


8. Make Yourself at Home

The group were spat out of a rainbow colored portal and belched them out onto a sandy island. Jess, Micha and Elab all rolled onto the sand. They coughed out mouthfuls of sand that tasted of sea food but in a bad way.

"Where the hell are we?!" Micha asked after she got up from her spluttering fit.

"I have no clue.." Answered Elab who was still on the floor.

"Infact. Where's Aldrin?"
They turned around as another portal opened up. They heard Aldrin's voice coming through it but he was cheering with a "wheeee!". He then was also spat out right in the middle of where everyone was standing. He got up excitedly and shivered in his words.

"Oooo! I love that rush!" Micha's finger tapped his shoulder as he walked past.

"Uh...Aldrin? Where are we?!" He turned and looked over the sands to observe the area to see where they were. He then splayed his arms and cheered happily.

"Welcome! To the middle of the ocean!" The other three looked at him in an unamused fashion. Jess pushed through Elab and Micha to storm right infront of Aldrin's happy face. Jess shouted

"No! Seriously! Where are we?!" as her rush started to turn to rage. Aldrin kept smiling.

"Like I said. Welcome! To the middle of the ocean!" Jess' fire of fury turned to ash. "Don't worry yourselves! I have no idea where we are either but look," He pointed behind him and showed the main land they came from in the misty distance. "Pangaea is right over there. We are not far. This is much better than where we came from."
Jess snarled at him. Now Micha wanted to join the rant.

"Well what are we going to do on this tiny little island huh?" Aldrin still smiled.

"What of course! We make ourselves at home here. It's perfectly nice."
Elab now joined the attack.

"Well what life forms live on this island apart from a few grouchy trees?!"

"Us... Look it's either here of back in Pangaea with bounty hunters and spiteful kings looking for their naughty daughters! Your choice." The three of them looked at each other at the same time; rolling their eyes.

Evening. They managed to gather up wood for a fire and shelter. The night was a black sky with a few specks of stars providing limited light. The moon beamed a scary but beautiful glow; it watched the group sit round the fire and noted everything they were doing. An awkward silence lingered in the fire. Aldrin decided to break the tension with a little question.

"Jessica?" Jess looked up at him from fiddling with her fingers.

"It's Jess..." she replied.

"Fine then. Jess? Do you know how to fight? You seemed rather cowardly when I ambushed you." She stared at him for a little bit longer and replied again with:


"I see. Would you like to find out? No wait. Rephrase. You must find out."

"Maybe." Jess still looked at him with a mixed emotional face. Micha spat out another piece of grass to talk.

"I was going to teach her eventually." Aldrin stared into the fire and did not raise his head as he focused in on the embers.

"Well Jess. Let us start tonight. Have you ever held a weapon before?" Jess did not answer. She started fiddling with her fingers again.

"Alright then. Let's start with unarmed first." Jess suddenly exploded from her seat on a log and lunged straight for Aldrin. Aldrin fell back as she toppled onto him.

"Such aggression! This is good!". She lifted a fist for a punch down onto Aldrin. It came down to be stopped by Aldrin's other hand and he tossed her to the side and got back up. Micha went to stand up to stop the fight but Elab grabbed her and shook his head. She sat back down and watched with worry. Jess went in for another punch and Aldrin blocked it again.

"Good! Follow it through with another punch." She punched again and Aldrin once again stopped it.

"Keep going!" She then tried to throw a knee into his stomach and was blocked again. Her strikes now got more frequent and fluid as she went from punch, kick, knee, kick, punch and so on. Aldrin now threw a punch at her and she went down like a felled tree. Her head darted to him as her hair covered her venomous eyes. She now went for a kick and she swung her foot at his head as she span round on the other foot. Aldrin ducked and tried to go for another punch. She blocked it the same way he did. Now the fight got more balanced as both Aldrin and Jess attacked, counter attacked and blocked one another in a smooth flow of violent dancing. Aldrin bumped up his pace of movements but Jess held firm and avoided and countered his blows. Jess now started to get tired but yet she still kept going. Her foot slipped. One of Aldrin's punches was heading straight for her gut. Jess tensed and waited for the blow. But it never came. Aldrin's hand halted dead infront of her abdominal muscles.

"You now know how to fight. Congratulations!" Jess looked at her hands as she couldn't get her head round what she just did. Micha stood up in joy and hugged Jess who was still stunned.

"Oh my god Jess! That was amazing!" Aldrin winked at Elab who still patiently sat on his log. Micha squealed again.

"Hey! Put some knuckle dusters of claws on your hands, you could be deadly!" Jess looked up from her shaking hands.


Aldrin sat next to Elab infront of the fire. Aldrin stared back into the embers and smoke again.
Elab placed his eyes on Aldrin in amazement.

"How did you teach her that so quickly?!" 

"I could see she was angry with me and so I transformed that anger into skill. Blocking her attacks subliminally made her copy me and she followed my instructions with how to attack. The human mind is a wonderful thing." He continued; still glaring into the heat.

"The brain is like this fire. The wood is like the thoughts and information going into the mind. The flames are the mind thinking.
The smoke and ash are the memories and other older thoughts being forgotten." He then pulled out a bottle of black liquid from the abyss of his pockets. He then poured it onto the fire and the fire grew dramatically as it roared in light.

"But add a little anger. to it and the mind thinks faster and learns those thoughts going into it much more quickly. But sometimes if not controlled, then anger instead blinds you and sends you into bad decisions."
Elab now also looked into the flames as it started to weaken back down. He spoke to his neighbor.

"Did you perhaps learn all this from being a Skylord?" Aldrin dragged his eyes away from the fire into Elab's eyes.

Yes. Indeed I did..." He smiled as he averted his eyes back into the fire. Elab also smiled and turned his head toward the sea.


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