Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


17. Lurid Red Eyes

The four of them stayed up that night for fun and games. Sleep wasn't really much of a requirement anymore as everything was at peace with them.

"Aldrin! Do your impression of Micha's snore again!" squealed Jess. Aldrin then let out a bellowing 'snore' sound that flew through the cave. Micha did not look amused. 

"Oh come now Micha. We're only having a bit of fun." Micha stood up and marched to the exit of the cave in a strop.

"Hey Micha, come back! We were only joking!" shouted Jess to try and convince Micha. Jess then tried to stand up to catch up with her but Aldrin held out his hand.

"Leave her be. She'll come round." Jess then sat back down slowly.

Micha exploded out of the cave in anger as she walked through the cool night air. The heavy air smelt fresh and cleaned Micha's lungs as it came down her throat. She clenched her fist in rage from the others mocking her. Then she felt water at her shoes. She looked down to see the snow beneath her melt. She ignored and walked onwards. She wondered back into the forest. The forest was where she could be alone and think about things on her mind. She definitely had a lot to think about with her new powers. She did not go far from the edge of the forest before she got to a similar clearing to the one where she saw the witch's hut. But then there was a giant shadow right in the center of the circle of trees. It was Aldrin. It was the shape of a wolf so of course it was. 

"Yeah Aldrin. That ain't working. I know it's you so stop trying to scare me!". He didn't move. Then bright yellow eyes started to watch along the tree line of the clearing. "Okay Aldrin. You can stop now. You just look weird standing there. Not scary." It then turned around. Lurid red eyes. Micha sucked in the cool air in a large gasp as the bright red eyes stared at her. She then reached down for her silver dagger that Aldrin gave her. She pulled it out and looked up to see the animal pounce on her with great force. The dagger flew out of hand from the impact and stuck into the ground as it landed a few meters away. She started to hyperventilate violently as they werewolf snarled and growled infront her face. A string of drool landed next to Micha and for the first time, Micha felt fear in her blood. She wanted to scream but terror took her breath away as the werewolf continued to stare at her. It howled in the air and the mysterious eyes still watched the scene in awe. The beast was then flung back as a white blur flew over Micha's head. This time, it was Aldrin. He put himself inbetween Micha and the other werewolf and acted as a wall to defend Micha.

A few minutes before, the other three looked guilty at one another round the fire as they all thought about Micha. Jess then stood up in grief.

"C'mon. Let's go apologize to her. She seems really upset about this." Aldrin and Elab looked at one another and chuckled a little. "Excuse me. What's so funny?" Elab sat up from his giggles.

"It was just a joke. She should be able to take it like everyone else does." Jess ignored Elab and grabbed Aldrin by the arm to drag him out of the cave exit.

"You've got a good nose wolf boy. Let's go sniff her out shall we?". Aldrin looked surprised as he was forced away from Elab. Jess pushed him out of the cave opening. "Now sniff! Go get her boy!" Aldrin peered over his shoulder at Jess and then started to get wafts from the ground. He changed into wolf form to make things easier and followed a clear path of smells. They led to a huge clearing with two shades locked in a death grip. Aldrin pricked his ears at the sight and dashed straight to the two of them. As he got closer, he could see beauty and the beast in a locked conflict. Aldrin dived for the animal on top of Micha to get it off her. He then barged his way inbetween it and Micha.

"Run!" shouted Aldrin quickly in his low and canine tone. She ran back to the tree line and clambered up a tree to stay and watch if Aldrin ever needed her help.

"Pssst!" she heard to her left as she saw Elab and Jess also sitting in a near by tree doing the same thing as Micha was. Micha then turned back to the scene below. Jess then observed her eyes again. This time they were bright orange... Orange.

The two behemoths back on the ground readied themselves and then hurtled at one another in fury at break neck speed. They collided in a ravenous display of fur and blood; teeth and claw. Aldrin was then picked by the werewolf and was tossed along thin layer of snow. He got straight back up and ran at the creature's neck. The coal colored werewolf grabbed him before he could reach him and then drove his teeth into Aldrin's shoulder. Aldrin whined and squeaked as the pain of his flesh being dug into poured out of his mouth. He then bit into the werewolf's jaw and plied it off of his muscle. The two were now locked jaw to jaw as Aldrin then applied more pressure to the creatures snout. Aldrin then forced the black wolf back as it lost it's footing along the slippery snow. Aldrin rammed him into a hard trunk of a tree. The leaves shook as the werewolf hit the trunk. He then collapsed into the soft snow as Aldrin let go.

The werewolf then changed back to human shape slowly as he left a wolf in print in the snow around him. The scars from the fight where left on the boy's skin as his blood stained the snow beneath him. Aldrin then also changed as he covered over his shoulder with his right hand from the gaping bite wound. The blood creeped it's way out of the gaps in Aldrin's fingers and palm. The other three then jumped down and landed in the shallow lake of snow. Jess ran over to Aldrin as his blood ran down his bare chest.

"Aldrin! Oh my God, are you okay?" she said as she stroked his arms. Aldrin muttered in pain to respond.

"Yes... uh, I'm fine. We need to take this poor lad back to the cave so I... rrr, can cure him of his curse." Micha stared into the boy's shut eyes. He was so fair and radiant. How could someone so good looking turn into such a hideous form? Micha was then pushed aside as the others then picked up the limp body and carried it back to the cave entrance.


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