Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


18. Leaving the Nest

Elab and Jess carefully put the guy on the floor of the cave. Elab ran and grabbed a few bandages from one of the chests and started to tend to Aldrin's shoulder.

"Elab?" Jess asked quietly.

"Yes?" Elab responded without looking at her.

"Have you noticed something odd... with Micha?" Jess hesitated mentioning Micha's name from how Elab has been acting around her. And she was right to because with the mention of Micha's name Elab whipped his head around and glared at her. 

"What do you mean by odd?" He practically spat out

"Well... ummmm, I noticed that her eyes are changing colors. Like, their usually hazel and when she brought in the rabbits she caught yesterday, they where bright green. And after this guy attacked her, they where orange like fire."

"I've witnessed something has been off... OW! ..... Ever since yesterday afternoon but it wasn't something colossal. Just flickers of emotion now and then." Aldrin said; wincing in pain as Elab started to clean the wound.

"Well I know haven't noticed anything." Elab said concentrating on the task at hand.

"Oh ok." Jess muttered and looked over at Micha who was sitting over on her bed cleaning the cut she got on her arm from the werewolf with a damp cloth.

After Aldrin's shoulder was wrapped up and was starting to heal, he stared making different potions for the boy they brought in to the cave. On the other side of the area, Jess was practicing her fighting skills with Elab and as for Micha; she was sitting up on a ledge high above the clearing of the cave. Aldrin looked up towards where she was sitting and could only see her feet swaying backwards and forwards over the ledge. "Something is defiantly up with her." he whispered to himself;  "She's never this quiet." 

A few minutes later Aldrin looked up again only this time he didn't see her legs. He looked over his shoulder and saw her putting on her armor and grabbing her sword. "Where you off to?" Aldrin called over to her.

"Outside." She said quickly running up to the opening of the cave.

"Shouldn't someone go after her? You know, to make sure she doesn't get attacked again?" Jess asked. Walking over and hugging around his shoulders.

"She's fine. She can take care of herself. I can't always save her." Aldrin replied as he returned back to his brewing of medicines.

Micha ran outside to feel the comforting warmth of her armour. She wanted to find out what her new powers were. Apparently she over heard that her eyes change color for some reason, but what else could she do? She walked over to the spot where the snow melted around her feet and sighed. The moment she did the wind picked up and then died down almost as quick as it came. "Whoa! Cool!" Micha said out loud. She then stomped her foot lightly on the ground and then the earth gave a slight tremor. She yelled and thunder yelled back at her in the clouds. "Okay... so I can control the weather... AWESOME!" she thought. "Hang on, if I'm half angel, shouldn't I have graceful wings?" As soon as the thought of wings folding out from her back came into her head, pure white feathers brushed against her arms.

She then started move them as the beat the air around her. It felt weird to have wings but also it felt natural in an ironic way. Micha took a running start like the birds did to take flight and started to move her wings up and down. Slowly but surely, she started to lift off the ground and was soon at one with the air.

She wobbled as tried to get the hang of it. She was like a baby chick flying from it's nest for the first time. But every fledgling gets the hang of it eventually. From a baby chick to a hawk, she dove into the forest like a gannet dives into water. She zipped past trees and weaved past trunks under the branches. Whooping and grinning, she burst out of the tops of the trees and gently drifted through the sky. She then glided along the breeze and looked down from where she flew. The world revealed it's true wonder from the clouds as she saw everything the birds could see. Deers frolicking with their young, snow and icicles glimmering in the sun and trees standing tall like soldiers. Micha was speechless and made her way back to the clearing she came from. The wings folded back and vanished in sparkling light. Her hair was wind swept and she was the happiest she's been since she left home. 

She walked back down into the cave to find the man who attacked her was now awake; laying on one of the stone beds. Micha walked over to Aldrin eyeing the stranger.

"So he's up now is he?" she asked.

"She speaks!" yelled Aldrin as turned to her and splayed his arms out in sarcasm.

"Ha ha, very funny. Is he okay though?" Micha said; rolling her eyes

"Yes he's fine. But we're still trying to get stuff out of him but he won't speak." he murmured as he glanced over at him.

"Here, let me try." Micha said with a mischievous grin.

"Alright but I don't see how that will change things." Aldrin warned her.

"Let's see shall we?" Micha complained as she strolled over to him.

Aldrin double glanced back at Micha to see her hair ruffled and in tangles. He shook his head in suspicion.

She crouched next to the bed and looked into the man's eyes. "So your awake now" Micha said calmly and sitting on the bed beside him. "What's your name?"

He lifted his head slowly and looked over at her yet no words left his mouth. He just looked at her. However, after a few seconds he moaned "My name's Alex. Alex Shields."

"Hi, Alex. Are you feeling okay?" Micha asked.

"So you ask me my name but don't tell me yours? That seems a little unfair." He said smiling a little bit.

"Oh. sorry. My name is Micha. Michaela Eagleheart." she said whilst blushing a little. It was true, he was very attractive.

"I like that name. Its pretty." he mumbled still smiling.

"Thank you. Now could you tell me why you attacked me in the woods yesterday?" Aldrin then interrupted from his lonely brewing corner.

"He's a Moon Werewolf Micha. He can't help his own actions." He groaned as he focused on a glass bottle of glowing liquid.

"Okay I guess that could be a valid excuse." she replied; laughing a little. Aldrin then walked over with his concoction. 

"Get it down your neck. This will take away that curse." Alex poured the potion down his throat and coughed a little in disgust. "What were you expecting? Apple juice?!" He grunted as he walked away back to Jess and Elab.

"That was vile! But did I hurt you in anyway though?" He asked while looking at the bandage on Micha's arm. 

"'s... just a... scratch" Micha muttered slowly as he reached for her arm and took off the bandage. Three inline scars were grazed on the flesh of her arm.

"Thats not 'just a scratch' Thats a full on gash!" He said looking at it.

"Seriously it's fine." Micha said pulling her arm away.

While Alex and Micha chatted away and laughed, Elab was standing on the other side of the cave sharpening the blade of his sword; glaring at them both. Aldrin sat next to him as he saw Elab's gaze.

"Looks like their having a great time over there" Aldrin said he watched with Elab.

Elab just continued to stare while jealousy ate away his soul. Soon, it got to the point where it was too much to watch or bare so he ran to the opening and decided to take his anger out through hunting. Aldrin looked at Elab solemnly.

"Poor lad..." 










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