Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


3. Jess and her Concience

Just like Micha, Jess was one of the elegant princesses of Pangaea. Even though she was the princess of the least powerful province, she was still respected and loved by all. Again like Micha, she did not want to be queen yet on the other hand, she loved being a princess. All she had to do was look divine, go to a few dinners here and there and get spoiled to her hearts content. But there is always a catch. One day she would have to be queen and that meant responsibility and hard work. To make it worse, she also had to be married to someone picked by her parents. Love didn't count for anything in a royal family as if they seemed right, then they shall be wed. She had always wondered if there was anything interesting beyond those walls. If there were secrets that were especially for her to find out. However, Jess did not know much in terms of the outside world. Such as fighting and survival was a mystery to her. Her parents did not want to put ideas into her head about running off. But despite her parents best efforts, she did.

The pitter-patter of pebbles hitting her bedroom window flickered Jess' eyes open as she awoke. She got up and looked out her window to see what the cause was.
She looked left. She looked right. As she was about to look down, a pebble tapped on the head to say hello.
"Ow!" Her hand went straight to the hit for it's human reaction that we will never understand.

"Hey! Sleepy head!" Came a hissing whisper from bellow Jess' balcony

"Who's that? Micha?" said Jess in a startled manner.

Can I come up? I've got some rope."

"Umm. You can but if you or I get seen, we're dead!"

"Screw that! Just let me up." Micha tossed her rope up to Jess who grabbed hold of it to haul Micha up.
When Micha reached the balcony, she marched into Jess' room and did not say a word.

"Micha? Why do you have the same colour hair as me?!" said Jess in a sense of wonder.

"Long story! Listen! You know I don
't want to be queen right?"

"Yeah..." exclaimed Jess with her upper lip having a slight twitch.

"Well I've had it! I'm leaving this hell hole for the exciting world outside those walls and you're coming with me. I know you don't want to be queen either."

"Wait! What?! Have you planned this for a long time?" Micha looked unamused as she stared at her bag.

"Well no... I've just decided to go ahead with it. I can fight, I can make things like tools and armor. I feel ready!" She then closed her bag again and turned back at Jess.

"But I don't know how to do any of that stuff! It would be fun and exciting I agree, if I actually knew how to DO any of that." 

"I can teach you! It can't be that hard." Micha slung her bag on her back again with confidence. "But I'm an awful learner."

"Oh come on Jess! I can't live without you." Jess looked down out of her balcony and looked endlessly beyond the wall. If her parents found out, she would be taken back and would never breath fresh air again. But if she stayed, she'd be queen. She raised her chin as she turned back to Micha who was longing for an answer from Jess' troubled expression. The troubled look turned to bravery very swiftly.

"Alright. Let's break through that wall!" Micha's face drew an arrogant smile as she helped Jess pack.

Jess' bag was full and the young arrogance launched them both over the balcony and towards the colossal behemoth of bricks. When they reached the wall, there were figures of guards
that spiraled round the gate entrance and there seemed to be no way through. "Damn it!" muffled Micha as she peaked round the corner to see the iron clad men. Suddenly, a roar echoed through the air that seemed to come from the sky. Jess, Micha and the guards all turned to the source of the noise and it pointed straight at Mount. Kangia that was now in a shade of black clouds. Orange flickers appeared every now and then that shone as far as to light up the whole city. Thinking the cry and lights would of awoken the whole city, Micha opened her bag to see if anything in her bag could help her. Not much apart from that rope she showed Jess. But her sword offered it's help as it fell next to Micha.

Micha's mind started to work as she planned
a way to get over the wall with a sword and rope. She could use the rope like a fishing line with a sword on the end to kill the guards. But that would just be messy. Instead, she could tie the rope to the handle of the sword and toss the sword and rope up to the top of the wall. Sounded good. Seemed easy. She went for it. She stepped back from the edge wall and hurled the sword at the top of the wall. The sword flew in the air like an eagle. The sword managed to stick into the dense, hard rock and made cracks as it grabbed on to the wall. She tugged on the rope to see if it was stable and the sword held it's place. Clutching on like child not wanting to go to bed. She turned back to Jess and handed her the rope.

"You first." Jess looked at Micha in shock.

"Are you crazy?! You know I have no strength!"

"Exactly! So if you fall, I'll be behind you to catch you. Duh!" Jess had nothing to back herself up now as she grabbed the rope with a shaky and unsteady hand. She made her way up the loos rope, shortly followed by Micha. Both girls made it up to the top in one piece and looked over the wall for the first time. As the sun started to rise, they could see a vast ocean of lush grass and tall trees that flowed down a hill into a gorgeous oasis. They could see wild animals roaming the plains to the side as the frolicked in their natural way. Micha put her arm on Jess' shoulder and spoke in utter shock.

"Look at that Jess. That's all for us!" Jess did not say another word as the sight left her speechless. Micha did not need words as the look on Jess' face said it all. As they used the exhausted and tired rope another time to get down the wall, they were still left speechless. When they reached the floor, they ran into the woods and dissolved in the leaves. They had finally escaped and were heading for a trip they would not soon forget.


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