Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


22. Jealousy is a Terrible Thing

With the week coming to the end and the training coming to a close, Aldrin, Jess, Micha, Alex and Elab sat in the dormitory, getting ready to leave Zunlaya. Elab sat on his bed sharpening his sword, Aldrin sat over at the table talking to Jess and Micha and Alex were over at the far end of the room talking away.

All of the sudden Elab stormed out onto the balcony, dropping his sword on the floor; leaving everyone to stare at where he sat.

"I'll go see what's wrong." Aldrin said getting up from his chair.

Micha and Alex where taken out of their little bubble when Elab stormed off and stared as he stalked outside.

"What was that about?" Alex asked

"I don't know. He's been acting kinda odd lately." Micha replied. Aldrin walked outside to see Elab looking way off into the distance and Aldrin placed a hand on Elab's shoulder. 

"Lovely evening isn't it?" whispered Aldrin. Elab didn't reply as his hair wafted in the cool breeze. "Look, I know your heart still goes to Michaela but you must move on. She has found Alex." Elab then turned his neck towards Aldrin as slow as the moon moved. His eyes started to glint with tears as they gathered in a tiny puddle at the bottom of his eyes. He then looked away again as he was ashamed of his tears. Aldrin breathed a deep sigh. He didn't know what to do. Jess then jumped through the doors of the balcony behind the two lost minds.

"Hey boys! What are we doin' out here in the cold?" she jittered as she closed the doors behind her. Aldrin then pointed at Elab without him noticing. She got the idea.

"Oh, is this a bad time?" Jess asked. Aldrin walked over to her muttering:

"You got any good ideas for him. He's in a bad state."

"What do you mean? Is this about Micha?" Aldrin nodded slowly and looked over his shoulder back at Elab. Elab still stared into the nothing of the air. Jess pushed past Aldrin and leaned next Elab on the rails of the balcony.

"How does it feel to see them together?" Jess asked Elab

"Jess! I was asking you to help, not make it worse!" Aldrin whispered a little annoyed.

"Shush you!" she hissed back over her shoulder. Aldrin then looked to one side to leave them alone. 

"It hurts... Worse than any sword." he muttered as a small sniff escaped from him.

"You have to try to get over it..... It will hurt but you have to try. She's found someone else and someday you will too." Aldrin then waved his hand by his nose and spluttered

"Cheesy..." Jess then whipped round and punched Aldrin hard in the shoulder. "OW! You could of at least taken the gloves I made for you off!"

"No! I needed them now shut up!" she whispered back with fury.

"Fine. I'm going back inside.". And with that, Aldrin faded behind the balcony doors; leaving the two by themselves.

"Okay. So do you think you can do that for me? For you?" Elab nodded lightly as his chin fell and a tear trickled down his cheek, falling high from the balcony to the ground bellow. His lip tucked under his top lip to hide and Jess reached her arms to hug him in comfort. He hugged back with his tears falling on her shoulder.

Elab and Jess walked back in and Micha was there to meet them. 

"Whats going on?" Micha asked looking from Jess to Elab.

"Nothing. Elab just had to tell me something." Jess said smiling. Alex came up behind Micha.

"Whats going on?" He asked taking Micha's hand.

"Nothing. Like I just told Micha: Elab just had to tell me something." Jess said walking past them towards Aldrin, and gave him a good hard punch in the shoulder. 

"OW! Why?! Just why?!" Aldrin said glaring at Jess

"Oh sorry! I thought your shoulder was the wall." Jess giggled with a giant smirk on her face before she went up on her toes and quickly kissed Aldrin and walked off. He watched her walk back to her bed with a large smile on his face.

Alex and Micha laughed at what just happened and walked over to where they were sitting before Elab stormed off.

"Are you going to be fighting against the evil that's about to come?" Alex asked Micha

"Yes, of course I am."

"Just promise me you'll be careful, and don't do anything stupid." Alex whispered, giving her hand a squeeze.

"I'll try not to. And anyway, I have you to protect me if something goes wrong." Micha replied with the same giant smile as Jess had. All of a sudden, they could all hear shouting down stairs and they all rushed down to see what was going on. They reached the bottom of the stairs and saw the newly trained warriors dashing around to grab weapons, armor and steeds.

"What's going on?" Aldrin yelled, bursting through the door of the training grounds.

"That witch... has opened... the portal... in The Black Plains outside the city... " One of the knights said as his helmet masked his breathless mouth. They then all looked up and saw purple and black lightning striking down behind the hills.





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