Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


26. Glorious Wings

Half an hour into the battle and both sides were taking loses. Aldrin's army had dismounted their lions and tigers for them to fight by themselves, to let the felines rip apart their enemies on their own. Yet Micha and Alex were still airborne in the air, raining their arrows down with the rest of the horse riders that were left. The five leaders did have a game during this battle however, to keep their spirits high.

"Aldrin, I'm on 23!" called Elab through the fighting.

"Ha! 31!" Aldrin replied as he blocked a demons sword.

"Hey, down there! I've got 39!" Micha interrupted them both as she glided over their heads. As she flew down low, she was an easy target for a crossbow bolt and Kessal took a bolt to the wing. The horse neighed in pain and dropped out of the sky, with Micha tumbling to the ground into the thick of the battle. She got up to see where Kessal landed. Nothing. She could only see frantic heads fighting and staring each other down.

"Damn it!" she whispered as she dived to get involved with the battle. To keep up her score above the boys.

The battle kept raging and it was Aldrin's army that was starting to slip. They started with 700 hundred soldiers, now only down to 230. With the demons still massing with 500+ left. It was not looking good for the race of men at this stage and even Aldrin and the rest were starting to lose hope. But something must of kept the demons fighting so hard for so long. The portal? No. The witch? She was no where to be seen. That's when Micha saw a huge figure marching through the squabble of men and demons. It stood watching her through fire with it's eyes of hot magma.
Smoke swirled off it's armor as if any moisture that was around it ignited into hot steam. It's sword was colossal, it's shield seemed too large to be used effectively and the armor that encased it looked heavy to stand.

It looked pure evil. Pure evil. Micha hurled herself to make an attack but it's ginormous shield reflected her pathetic attack, then countering with an attack of it's own. Although Micha dodged successfully, it then rammed it's shield into her and flung her back several meters away, slamming onto the ground. She was over powered within a matter of seconds! She wined in pain of her back being smashed into the floor, she looked up to see the evil figure looming over her to dig it's sword into her chest. It lifted it's sword and brought it down hard. And was blocked. Elab swung his sword side ways to avert the hit and stood firm between it and Micha's limp body.

"Don't even touch her..." he said as he took a firm stance with his sword. It scowled at Elab and swung it's gargantuan sword slowly at Elab's head. Elab parried the blow and the force waved through his sword into his body as he kicked the demon in the stomach and swung his sword into the behemoth's hip; slicing through the armor and letting it stick it in as the black blood drained out. The demonic knight fell to one knee with a slit in it's flesh and Elab turned to Micha to help her up whilst the demon was down. "C'mon. I'm gunna get you out of her..." A shadowy blade pieced through Elab's stomach with an almighty crunching sound. The evil knight then lifted the sword into the air with Elab stuck on it like a fish on a harpoon. Elab choked, spluttered and breathed unevenly as the pain and force ruptured his insides.

"ELAAAB!" Micha screamed as she witnessed Elab shudder in pain on the bladed staff. She was desperate to help, but she was too weak to even stand. All she could do is watch her companion drown in his own gore. The demon then scraped Elab off of the blade like a chunk of meat on a kebab and turned to Micha with his blooded sword drenched in Elab's life essence. He walked slowly to Micha who was expecting to fall to the same fate as Elab as she backed away. Then Aldrin appeared out of no where, pouncing on the knight from behind and his swords digging into each shoulder. The knight knocked him off like a mare bucking off her jockey. Micha watched the two duke it out and then looked down at Elab. Or what was left. He was still breathing!

She crawled over to Elab's body as the knight was distracted from Aldrin. She looked down at Elab with his eyes empty. What could she do? He was still alive though, she had to do something. There was one thing. But it was risky on so many levels. She dug deeply and sprouted her feathered wings. Her strength grew back within as the angel inside of her grew. The wings raised, hit the air around them and Micha, with Elab in her clutch, took off away from the fighting. Even though Aldrin was gripped in a fight, he stared in awe as he saw Micha gracefully glide on the wind. Alex also watched from above as he watched his loved one drift into the air. It's as if the whole battle was placed on pause as they all watched pure white wings fade into the light of the sun.

She took him behind the mound away from prying eyes and lay him down on the now green grass that circled them. He opened his blank eyes to see Micha's red hair cloaking him. He smiled.

"Hello Micha." he muttered as he lifted his arm to stroke her hair. Her tears dropped down as she sniveled in sorrow. "Let me go. At least I died seeing your face one last time."

"No. Come on Elab! Stay here! Aldrin will save you! Stay with us!!" her last words past through his ears as his body fell loos. His eyes were now completely uninhabited. She hugged his lifeless body and cried into his shoulder. Alex's horse then landed along side the scene and he jumped off his stallion next to Micha, who was still cuddling Elab and wouldn't let go. Alex looked at the two and exhaled in sadness.

"Oh Elab..." he whispered as he looked into the desolate eyes. Micha launched herself at Alex and squeezed him tightly. Elab was dead. A tale of a drifter had come firm to halt.

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