Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


25. For we are the Gods!

The army was now standing right in the center of the black plains. Barren, dead and dusty; this place was rank with charcoal. The sound of the whispering wind blew past everyone's ears as it spoke to them and mocked them. The grass was still alive but was a dreary grey, as if life hung onto them by a thread, forever suffering. Some kind of aura kept the grass it's dull colour and green could not be seen for miles. The clouds blanketed the land and covered it with even more of an eery colour. The taste of the air was even unpleasant. On these plains, there was dead trees, flat ground and one small mound that stretched across the open flats like a small wall.

Aldrin halted the army just before they reached the mound. The five champions stood at the front of the army and Aldrin ran along the line that the army formed. The pegasus horses were on the left and Aldrin trotted along to Alex and Micha.

"Alex. You and Micha need to direct your company above the clouds, I don't want to see you at all. Micha, you shall direct the woman in your company and Alex, the men. Break through the clouds once you hear our horns. Away! Make haste!" Alex then pulled the reins on his horse and cried to his company.

"To the skies! YAH!" all the horses then took off as the air around them made way. The rest of the army on the ground watched the winged beauties fade into the clouds and vanish from sight. Aldrin then lead them over the small mound and they followed after him. The sight over the pile of dirt was intimidating to them all. A mass of fire which shadowed a fearful army of hideous creatures, even their swords raged with flames. Then a few demons noticed their opponents on the other side of the fields and alerted the rest of the swarm, roaring in anger, excitement and fury.

Their roars blasted through the grass and made Aldrin's army quake with terror. The demons formed ranks of pikes and crossbows, ready for the charge that they were to come into. The men and woman started to hesitate and show their fear with heavy breathing and panic. Doubt  infected the entire army, backing them away from death. Aldrin then pulled himself together, his tiger galloping along the line of the army that stood on the top of the mound. He gave a speech of courage to raise their spirits. His voice rang loud and clear over the heads of the soldiers as he cried to his men.

"Warriors! I smell your fear that would corrupt my soul as much as you. But they should be afraid. They should be trembling with fear. They should be begging on their knees at our might! Their gods of hell cannot help them now, for we are the gods and we will triumph over them!" The army's heads lifted with bravery as the disease of worry started to drift away. Aldrin snapped his arm in their air and howled a bellow of courage. "Purge them!!" He cried. The army followed him in his cheers.

"Purge theem!" they cried. The lions started to roar with the men and the echoes of their yells of bravery sounded their might and the army felt delight and gallantry.

"Sound the charge!" A loud and low horn bellowed and added to the still echoing bawls through the plains. They trotted slowly from their formation, still calling roars of glory. The trot exploded into a full gallop as man and animal hurtled to the disgrace of filth. Crossbows loaded, the demons fired a volley of bolts through the line of pikes at the charging army. One, two, three and a few more rolled as the sharp zips of evil hit the men, women and lions one by one. But they were not faint heartened by their comrades falling and kept up the force of their charge. The demons then let fly another volley and more soldiers fell. Then the sky was ripped open by a flock of horses and the clouds rained arrows down onto the demons. The demons had no where to turn now as arrow met them; knocking them down like a pandemic. The pikes broke away and the stampede of lions clashed into the demons and cut through them like butter. The battle swung into full play now and the fighting intensified to a new level. None of the men would forget this day. For their losses, for their courage and for their fury.


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