Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


9. Elab's Confession

Aldrin waited for everyone to fall asleep as he was on watch duty. To make sure he walked around everyone a few times to see if they would react. No movement. Dead silence. When he was sure, he ran off into the night as the dark encased his body. Elab woke up. The sounds were not even acute enough for his drifter ears. He thought about going off to find him, and decided he should go and look for him; to make sure nothing happened. Elab didn't have to go far before he saw a strange figure in the dark. It stood tall and gracefully. As he got closer, it looked stranger and stranger and he couldn't quite figure out what it was. It didn't look human. The figure shifted quickly with shining yellow eyes. It noticed how close Elab was and suddenly the figure changed as it shrunk. A now more human body shape ran. Elab was about to chase it when Aldrin walked out in front of Elab.

"Did you see that?" Elab asked.

"See what?" Aldrin answered quickly.

"Hm. I just thought I saw something suspicious." Elab said looking over Aldrin's shoulder to see if the figure was still there. The only thing her saw were the blowing leaves in the bushes.

"It's probably nothing. Let's go back and see if the girls are still asleep."

They walked back slowly as Elab still thought about that spooky figure. As they saw the dying senders of the campfire, the two sleepy lambs were still sound asleep.

"Should we wake them?"

"No no! Let's go out to the beach. I'm pretty restless now so I don't mind staying up for the rest of the night." The two boys
walked off. They heard a small snort come from Micha and they chuckled, and continued.

As they reached the sea shore, the damp wind flowed through their strands of hair as they sat down on the cushiony grit. Elab looked at the horizon as his hair wished like a spaniel. He looked troubled. Aldrin did not even look at Elab and he still knew something was wrong with him.

"What's eating at your mind?" asked Aldrin. Elab did not reply. Instead he still stared into the naked sea. Aldrin then placed a warming hand on Elab's shoulder and asked the same question again.
It took Elab a while to talk as he still glared off. He opened his mouth slowly as it started to speak painted air.

"It's Micha..." Aldrin's eye brows raised to the top of the sky.

"What about her? Do I pick up a sense of love?" Elab nodded still staring. Aldrin sniggered slightly.

"That's sweet Elab. Love is a powerful thing good or bad. It can send us into joy and happiness of sadness and despair. Yet may I ask why? Love always has a reason." He was silent to reply again but he did eventually speak again.

"She seems fun, nice and in a special way, tough. I mean I like a woman who can defend themselves and don't always have to cling to me in a fight. Or I don't have to worry about them to protect them. She is also very good looking... I wouldn't mind kiss that gorgeous face." Aldrin giggled a little. Elab giggled back. He then spoke again.

"Do you or have you ever loved anyone before Aldrin?"

"Unfortunately no. The last time I loved someone, they left me. My useless parents!" His arms tensed and his fists grabbed the sand. Then Elab grabbed his arm to reassure him. Aldrin's grip loosened. The sun rose over the edge of the world as it peeped over to listen into the boys' conversation
. Aldrin stood up and then helped up Elab with a firm arm.

"Come on. Let's go wake up those two lazy bones." Elab jumped to his feet and followed Aldrin back to the campsite. As Aldrin walked off, a tuft of pure white fur fell out of his glove. Elab picked it up and squinted at it. He put it in his pocket. You never know.


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